2D Animator

Who is a 2D Animator?

2D Animators know how to utilise Toon Boom Harmony to generate hand-drawn style animations from scratch. They will guide you through the process of traditional 2D animation production planning. They can generate equipment needed for traditional and digital 2D animation. Weight, documenting, squash, and extending are all movement fundamentals. They can draw an ideal ‘Bouncing Ball’ in pencil.

2D Animators can create a colourful, digital hopping ball in a fun vector-based, ToonBoom Studio-compatible environment.  They can also animate a flawless hand-drawn ‘Generic Walk’ and how animate a ToonBoom Studio rigged character strolling through a vector-based digital world. In addition, they draw methodologies for animation. This field is suitable for students with a wide range of interests, but mainly for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in 2D animation. If you want to add the most detailed animation instruction to your operating animation course, then this information will help you.

Following are the people who will benefit;

  • Existing professional animators looking to improve their work.
  • Artists and graphic designers who want to see their illustrations come to life.
  • Animation educators who want to broaden their animation expertise and classroom teaching practices.
  • Home-based enthusiasts aspire to animate as well as the greats of Hollywood motion graphics.

Certified Associate in 2D Animator 

Some ongoing training departments may provide animation certificate courses. These programs’ academic experience and qualifications may prepare you for work in various fields, including marketing, film, and other entertainment modalities. Certificate programs in 2D animation may be available, but they are uncommon. On the other hand, animation certificate programs that cover a broader range of topics, such as Web design and 3D animation, are pretty common.

ToonBoom Studio is used to indicate the digital aspects of this course. ToonBoom Technologies has altered ‘Studio’ with ‘Harmony Essentials’. You are recommended to obtain a basic understanding of this software before delving into the digital parts of this course. That way, You’ll be able to translate the ‘Studio directions into the ‘Harmony Essentials’ guidelines.

Job opportunities for 2D Animator Professionals:

2D animator professionals have a wide range of options in selecting their preferred job. Followings are a list of some of such most demanding jobs for 2D Animators:

  • Web Designer
  • Print Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Content Creator