Top 3 Tips for You to Survive the Corona Crisis

Top 3 Tips for You to Survive the Corona Crisis

Freelancers have deliberately chosen to leave the corporate world and a regular office hour and preferred working on their own and take the workload as per their own choice, as well. The Covid – 19 or Corona pandemic has its impact on almost every businesses and industry across the world and freelancers are no exception to that.

Businesses are now concentrating more on how to keep their cost at a minimal level as the source of earnings is being reduced due to the Corona pandemic issue.

Everything seemed pretty much uncertain during this time and freelancers across the world are also required to think differently and adopt new strategies in such crisis moments. Here, this discussion will cover three topics that the freelancers should consider and these topics are Earning Source, Mental Fitness and Serving the Clients.

1. Earning Source

Freelancers are required to stay updated with the current financial condition and economic state of businesses across the world. During any crisis moment, money is the first thing that should be considered by freelancers. In this Corona pandemic situation, every freelancer must consider the following things that are directly related to their earning source

  • Budget

Freelancers in this Corona pandemic situation are required to develop an appropriate plan for their budget while bidding on any new job. Freelancers are required to consider the current economic crisis due to the Corona pandemic across the world and they should bid on the project/task accordingly. Furthermore, a forecast on the possible earning capacity for the upcoming months will also help the freelancers to stay balanced on their source of income.

  • Trap of the Credit-Debt Cycle

Many freelancers are using credit cards and this is the right time for any freelancer to clear off the cards. The interest rate of credit cards is extremely high, and as a freelancer, you may trap inside the Credit-Debt Cycle if you are not serious about clearing off your credit cards. It is the right time to stop using the credit card anymore and clear all previous dues, as soon as possible.

  • Emergency Fund

The flow of income might be disrupted a lot by the impact of the Corona pandemic. That is why is suggested for freelancers to have savings during this crisis period. The fluctuation in the source of income might go beyond your imagination in this situation and as a freelancer; you should focus on the Emergency Fund in order to survive even in the time of the Corona pandemic.

2. Mental Fitness

It is difficult for freelancers to stay without being worried about their career and future as many reputed companies are cutting their cost by firing professionals who were working with a good reputation for the business over a long period of time. Besides that, countries across the world had started to lock down the cities and areas due to the Corona pandemic, which also has negative impacts on the mental health of other professionals as well as freelancers. A significant number of companies have started the practice of “work from home”, as there is no alternative to fight against this Corona pandemic. Followings are some tips for freelancers to survive and stay mentally fit in this Corona pandemic situation:

  • Stop Being Overwhelmed by Negative Information

The Corona pandemic situation will not allow the world to get back to its previous state too soon. It will take time to get everything back to the normal shape, as the Corona outbreak is still spreading all over the world and everyone is needed to be ready for the second and/or the third wave of Covid-19 attacks. Information like the rate of infected people or the rate of death may cause you mentally unstable. All that is important for this moment is to stop checking such information so frequently and take enough precautions to stay mentally fit in order to focus on your work.

  • Adapt With the New Lifestyle in Order to Stay Safe

Almost everyone has to go through a different working experience and lifestyle during this Corona pandemic situation. As a freelancer, you may need to think and work differently than before. The new way of “work from home” is almost similar to the way the freelancers are working. So, you have less to bother about the pattern of your work, but you may also need to adapt to a new lifestyle where most of the time you have to stay at home and stop roaming around in your free time with which you may be familiar before.

  • Create your own Boundaries

In order to keep working with excellent mental fitness, you may have to create some boundaries of your own. Face-to-face interaction is now getting limited due to lockdown and you have to adjust yourself to this new lifestyle. As a freelancer, you may have to re-think the things you did before in your free time. You have to create and put some boundaries on your regular life, with which you were used. You may need to find new ways to stay well, both mentally and physically. For example, you may develop a habit of doing freehand exercise as you are not being able to go to the fitness centre, like before.

  • Create a Support Group

It is difficult for anyone to leave something old but regular in practice and adapt to something new instead. As a freelancer, you must find some ways to do this and creating a support group could be one of the best options to deal with your loneliness. It is pretty natural that you will feel mentally low and you can easily come up from such depression by communicating with people living in the same situation.

3. Serving the Clients

As a freelancer, you may find it difficult to create new clients to get new projects. In such a case, you have to develop some strategies to overcome such a situation due to the Corona pandemic. Almost every business and industry are affected due to the Corona pandemic and as a freelancer, you may try the followings to get rid of such problems:

  • Re-engage with old Connections

You may knock on your old clients for whom you worked previously. Soft skills like verbal and written communication ability will help you to get connected with the old clients you worked for. You may also contact the individuals you did contact before but did not get enough time and/or scope to work with.

  • Looking Forward to new Connections

It is difficult for freelancers to get new connections, particularly in this Corona pandemic situation. Still, you should keep looking for new work from new clients. Still, there are many jobs to be done by the freelancers and new jobs are being posted, as well. You should keep searching for such clients, though the rates of newly posted jobs are fewer than before.

The key to staying mentally well in this situation depends mostly on how you handle the reality at present. As a freelancer, you already know the basics of dealing with the ups and downs of the work-flow and the earnings, but this Corona pandemic situation is not like a regular case and you have to deal with this pandemic time on your own to stay physically safe and mentally fit.