Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

ACA (Adobe Certified Associate) is an entry-level accreditation for individuals who are willing to develop their career as a professional digital graphic designer. This certification validates the capability of an individual to design, develop and continue effective communications using a certain form of digital graphics application/software. An appropriate study plan can help you earn this certificate with an approach to explore your creativity and move on with your career as a graphic designer and/or web developer.

Adobe is offering ACA certification in four different categories. Each of these categories concentrate on the most widely used Adobe product in one of the effective means of digital communication. Followings are a brief about those categories:

1.      Using Adobe Photoshop for Visual Communication

This entry level ACA certificate recognizes the basic visual communication skills of an individual using Adobe Photoshop Software.

For this certification, the following skills will be evaluated in the ACA certification exam: Visual Communication with Adobe Photoshop CS5:

a)  Setting the requirements of the project

·        Defining the purpose and the target audience

·        Practice the protocols of copyright law for using images

·        Implement the skills and knowledge of project management related tasks and responsibilities

·        Effectively communicate with the clients regarding the design plan

b)  Preparing images by selecting the design elements

·        Implement the knowledge of resolution, size, and the file format of the image for printing, web designing and video editing purpose

·        Demonstrate the skill of design elements, image composition and design principles

·        Apply the knowledge of typography

·        Imply the knowledge of color correction using Photoshop CS5

·        Demonstrate the knowledge on the devices from where the images will be extracted, the types and patterns of resulting images in Photoshop

·        Figure out the key terminology of Digital Images

c)  Know the details about Adobe Photoshop CS5

·        Figure out the key components of the user interface of Photoshop CS5 and have adequate knowledge about those elements

·        Implement the knowledge of masks and layers

·        Imply the knowledge of developing and reusing images

·        Have clear understanding about the options and features required to work with color management workflow.

d)  Use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to manipulate images

·        Implement the knowledge and skills to deal with the measurement and selections of the images

·        Use the guides and rulers of Photoshop CS5

·        Transform images in Photoshop CS5

·        Edit and make corrections on the color and/or distortion of the images

·        Imply the skills of re-touching and blending images

·        Apply the skills of painting and drawing

·        Implement the knowledge and skills of type and filters

e)  Use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to publish Digital images

·        Apply the knowledge and skill of preparing images for print media, website and video editing purpose

2.      Using Adobe Dreamweaver for Web Communication

This certificate validates the entry level web communication skills of a graphic designer, using Adobe Dreamweaver software.

You must have adequate knowledge and skills on the following subject matter in order to earn this certification:

a)      Identify the Requirement of the Project

·        Figure out the purposes, target audience and the need for a website

·        Develop relevant content for the website, which is purposeful tor the target audience

·        Consider the knowledge of standard copyright laws, while developing the website

·        Implement the accessibility of the website in order to ensure a better visual experience for the audience

·        Go through the design specifications and proper interpretation while developing a website

·        Have a clear understanding about the tasks and responsibilities of managing a website development project

b)      Develop a plan to design the website and layout of the page

·        Have adequate knowledge and skills on Dreamweaver software to design a website, separate the design from the content, utilize the visual hierarchy, maintain the consistency and use the standard font family

·        Develop a website which will works effectively and on the same way over the different operating systems and web browser applications

·        Implement the knowledge of the principles and design concepts of the page layout

·        Work effectively on the design principles like readability, usability and accessibility

·        Implement the knowledge of storyboard, flowcharts and wireframes, while creating a website and/or site index

·        Maintain continuous communication with the clients while working on the design concept.

c)      Have clear understanding about the interface of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

·        Familiar with the elements of the interface of Dreamweaver application

·        Effectively use the insert bar

·        Utilize the property inspection option

·        Utilize the assets panel

·        Utilize the files panel

·        Customize the workspace during developing the website

d)      Use Dreamweaver CS5 to add content

·        Identify a website developed by Dreamweaver CS5

·        Create name, title and save a webpage

·        Add content to the website

·        Add images and insert alternative text to the website

·        Use hyperlinks to link the web content, e-mail addresses and anchors

·        Add rich media content like animation and audio-visual effects

·        Add rollover images buttons and navigation bars on a webpage

·        Develop maps for the images

·        Import tabular data, while building the webpage

·        Import and insert other file formats like Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Excel Document in the website

·        Create forms for the web page.

e)      Use Dreamweaver CS5 to add content

·        Configure the properties of the document

·        Use the div tags and CSS style to organize the layout of the webpage

·        Edit and configure the text and content of the website

·        Develop templates for the website

·        Use the basic HTML tags to create a website

·        Insert appropriate head content to make a webpage available to the search engines

·        Use CSS in order to develop a reusable design

f)       Manage and Maintain a Site Using Dreamweaver CS5

·        Test the website on different operating systems and web browser applications

·        Figure out the means to perform basic usability test

·        Develop techniques to collect feedback for the site

·        Get ideas and suggestions from others to evaluate the design of the website

·        Manage links, files and assets for the website

·        Use a remote server to publish and access the website

3.      Using Adobe Flash for Rich Media Communication

This entry level ACA certificate endorses the basic rich media communication skill of an individual, using Adobe Flash Professional Software.

Followings are the skills measure in the ACA certification exam to evaluate how an individual can deal with the rich media communication for a website:

a)  Configuring the requirement of the Project

·        Identify the target audience and purpose for Rich Media Content

·        Figure the appropriate Rich Media Content, which is appropriate for the website

·        Have clear understanding about the options to create accessible Rich Media Content

·        Implement the knowledge of Standard Copyright rule and regulations

·        Have clear understanding about the duties and responsibilities of managing a project

·        Have effective communication ability with the clients to plan the content and the design pattern

b)  Identifying the Elements of the Rich Media

·        Figure out and implement both the generic and specific practice of Flash application software to develop Rich Media Content for a website

·        Practice the skills and knowledge about the design principles and design elements

·        Figure out the techniques to use Flash application software to create accessible and readable Rich Media contents

·        Use a storyboard to develop Rich Media elements

·        Properly organize the document of the project using Flash application software

c)  Understanding the Interface of Adobe Flash CS5 Interface

·        Have required skills to work with the elements of Flash Interface

·        Use and utilize the Timeline

·        Use and utilize the Property inspector

·        Adjust the properties off the documents

·        Use and utilize the Rulers and Guides of Flash Software

·        Use and utilize the Monitor editor

·        Have clear understanding about the file type of Flash

·        Figure out the best means to manage the size and type of the file while publishing a Flash document

d)  Using Flash CS5 to Develop Rich Media Elements

·        Take appropriate and effective decision while developing Rich Media content for the design purpose

·        Be able to use the tools on the Tools panel in order to create, edit and select the text and graphics elements

·        Import and graphics from other sources

·        Develop appropriate and effective content

·        Edit and configure the properties of the text content

·        Make graphical objects and convert them to symbols

·        Have clear understanding about the library and the symbols

·        Edit and configure instances and symbols

·        Create masks

·        Edit the position, color, shape and transparency of the animations

·        Be able to use ActionScript 3.0 in order to add simple controls

·        Import and use the audio from other sources

·        Insert and export video from other sources

·        Export and publish Flash documents

·        Ensure the accessibility of a document

e)  Using Flash CS5 to Evaluate Rich Media Elements

·        Run the basic test on the developed product

·        Figure out the processes for basic usability tests

4.      Using Adobe Premier Pro for Video Communication

This certificate proves the skills of a graphic designer, required for entry-level video communication using Adobe Premier Pro software.

In the ACA certification exam, following skills are assessed to evaluate the capacity of an individual to use Adobe Premier Pro for Video Communication:

a)  Configuring the requirements of the Project

·        Figure out the purpose, target audience and the need for creating a video

·        Identify the content of the video, which will fulfill the purpose of the project

·        Have clear understanding about the standard copyright rules and regulations

·        Be able to implement the skills of the Production, management and the planning process of creating a video

b)  Figure out the Design Elements before preparing a Video

·        Implement the knowledge of planning and organizing the sequence of a video

·        Figure out the basic protocols of video shooting

·        Implement the skills of visual techniques to enhance the content of the video

·        Be able to use still images in order to improve the quality of the video content

·        Communicate with the clients regarding the design plans and the content of the video

c)  Understand the Interface of Adobe Premier Pro CS5

·        Have clear understanding about the elements and the interface of Adobe Premier Pro CS5

·        Have adequate knowledge on the functionalities of Adobe Premier Pro CS5

·        Be able to customize the Workspace of Adobe Premier Pro CS5

d)  Use Adobe Premier Pro CS5 to Edit a Video Sequence

·        Be able to import image, video and audio files from other sources

·        Arrange and manage the sequences of a video clip

·        Be able to work with the audio of a video sequence

·        Edit the effects in the sequences of a video

·        Edit and configure exported images and text on a video file

e)  Use Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 to Export Video

·        Implement the skills of working on exported video elements

·        Be able to export video from Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

Salary Structure of Adobe Certified Professionals

Followings are two average salary structures for Adobe Certified Professionals

  • Average salary of Adobe Certified Expert : £54,814
  • Average salary of Adobe Certified Associate      : £29,337

Training and Certifications

Universities and colleges are offering both the instructor-led on campus and self paced online courses for Adobe Certified Expert and Associate exams. You may also harness your skill by earning required knowledge and skill on Digital Graphics Design through the training courses offered by many IT learning institutes and also by appearing for vendor specific certification programs, as well. We are also offering training courses on Adobe application software suite for those who are willing to develop his/her career as Adobe Certified professional. We have a skilled and professional trainer, who will help you get the basic to advanced level of Graphics Design using the most updated and widely used CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) Software. You may join this training program through online or you may also join our instructor-led on campus program, as well. You will find all the learning resources available online which you can access from anywhere at any time, over the Internet.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will get a certificate that is widely accepted and well recognized across the UK. Then one of our HR specialists will help you develop an updated and professional CV for job placement purposes. We are working in collaboration with a significant number of IT companies and other businesses across the UK in order to ensure better job placement for you.