Advice To Land a Software Development Job

Advice To Land a Software Development Job

Usually, recruiters don’t have that much time to screen out the CV of the applicants for any particular position. On average, they spend approximately six seconds going through a resume. Recruiters are searching for some keywords to determine whether that specific candidate is a good fit for the position or not. Such a scenario is a common practice for hiring managers looking forward to finding a technical person, having particular technical certification and work experience.

There are several online platforms where you will find data relevant to both the employers and the employees that depict an overall picture of the employment process. Some key findings from such reports regarding technical recruitment process are mentioned below:

  • Knowing About Which Skills And Platforms Are In Demand

Recently, JavaScript is being considered as the dominating programming language for IT companies, and almost 70% of companies are looking forward to hiring a JavaScript specialist. After JavaScript, employers are looking forward to hiring IT Professionals having adequate skill and knowledge on SQL, and the report showed that around 57% of employers are looking forward to hiring a SQL expert. The Object-Oriented Programming Language Java comes after SQL, and approximately 48% of employers are looking forward to hiring a Java expert for their business. There is a vast demand in the design and development of websites using HTML and CSS, and almost 46% of employers are searching for HTML/CSS experts for their business. Programming language like .NET and C# also comes with significant demand in the IT industry, and around 41% of employers are searching for skilled and experienced HTML/CSS professionals for recruitment purposes.

  • List Down And Include Your Compatible Skills In Both Your LinkedIn Profile And CV

Online professional social platforms like LinkedIn is the best place for getting hired, and it is recommended that you must include all of your compatibility and skills in both of your LinkedIn profile and CV, as well. As one of the best Social Media platforms, LinkedIn is the best place to let your recruiter know more about you. It is recommended that you must list down all of your skill and achievements so that the recruit can adequately evaluate you. In most of the cases, employers are trying to know about the number of programming languages the candidate is familiar with.

  • Be well-experienced in Database Management System

JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SQL are the most demanding languages and tools that the recruiters are looking for. As an IT Professional, you may have to work as a back-end or front-end developer, and in that case, you must possess adequate knowledge on developing, designing, deploying and configuring database-related applications.

  • First Impression Is The Best Impression

It is always important not to miss the first catch while you are sitting in front of your recruiter. You should try by all means to attract their attention by all means. Here, almost everything matters, like your appearance, presentation skill, your expression, explaining your skill and experience and so on. Making a good impression at the very beginning of your recruitment process will put you many steps ahead, in the chance of getting hired. In many cases, IT companies are going through the assessment of both the hard and soft skills of the candidates. If your first impression is right, then the chances are high that you may pass in another evaluation with an excellent outcome, as well.