Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification for IT Professionals

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification for IT professionals

The competency of a technician in the software or hardware can be determined through benchmark tests, and CompTIA A+ certification is best in this regard as it meets the industrial standards. The certified professionals are more valuable to the organisations and are likely to earn more; it also makes the individual diversified in terms of exposure. Up till now, the CompTIA certification has been received/completed by over two million people.

Overview of the CompTIA A+ certification

CompTIA A+ is a basic certification that certifies the abilities of the applicants about software and hardware. To get this attestation, individuals need to be capable of PC installation, troubleshooting, networking, mobile device hardware, and PC hardware. Also, the individual must have basic knowledge of computer software and hardware maintenance like configuration, troubleshooting, and other safety protocols. The CompTIA certification would not only boost up your resume but also increase the chances of job significantly as the individuals can work as support specialists. The certificate depicts that the individual has all the capabilities and the skills which are required or demanded by anyone who is offering the job.

Benefits of the CompTIA A+ certification for support specialists

CompTIA A+ is a basic certification that enables the employer to get to know about the skills and the capabilities you have, which can lead to better career opportunities. Multiple benefits can be achieved out of this certification; a few significant benefits described below would help you decide either you need it or not.

An opportunity to be a support specialist

The certificate of CompTIA A+ is proof or attestation that you are capable of all the basics of the computer software and hardware technologies along with the skillset which is needed to configure the devices. The employers mostly demand such certifications because the candidates have hardly any experience, and the beginners have to provide proof for their skills. So, for a job of a support specialist, the CompTIA A+ certification can prove to be a jump start for your career. 

An opportunity to be diverse

The CompTIA A+ is quite diverse and offers you multiple prospects. The certification does not bind you exclusively to one or two specialisations but provides a wide range of options available. The credentials provided in the certificate are not exclusive for specific software or hardware related to the vendor, which helps the experts to acquire the skills about the technology from multiple fields. CompTIA A+ also enables you to learn the jargon used in the IT career and the industries generally, not exclusive to the job you choose. The CompTIA A+ certified experts having CompTIA A+ certification can offer services in cybersecurity or work as a network specialist. Simply put, these credentials make individuals diverse and create more job opportunities.

An opportunity to work from anywhere

In the age of the internet, the job services can be offered from the comfort of your home, and a CompTIA A+ certification makes it even more comfortable and practical for you. You don’t need to go to a particular workspace or office to do your job, but the CompTIA A+ certificate can help you get the job from anywhere in the world. As the hiring managers could review the certification and get to know about your skillset, this would allow you to do a hassle-free job.  

An opportunity to increase your pay

There is no doubt that the IT industry has a lot of jobs in this era, but at the same time, the competition has also grown over time. Among many benefits of the certifications, one of them is it offers better pay packages or incentives. The CompTIA A+ certification helps in determining the job position that creates a distinct position of the candidate who has acquired it, among others who are non-certified. It is because of the reason that the CompTIA A+certification is mostly recognised, trusted, and respected by many. If anyone is just at the beginning of his/her career, the certification automatically makes you stand-out, which will result in better pay. If you are relatively experienced or highly experienced, the certificate will make your resume more attractive and powerful to get your dream job with a hefty cheque.

A respite from your boring and dull job

It is quite common that the professionals have to work even if they are not keen on the job they are supposed to do. With the CompTIA A+certification, you would never have to do any job out of compulsion. As explained earlier, the certification makes you diverse and better tuned in every field, may it be inside or outside the horizons of the IT industry; it includes all. If somehow you step into a job which you, later on, find to be boring and not fulfilling, the CompTIA A+certification would enable you to shift to a relatively better-suited profession for you. Any job which you see as a burden and draining mental and physical health can be left at any moment, and the new avenues could be explored when you have the A+ certification. This would allow you to have a satisfying job as well as life.

Help to keep you up-to-date.

The experts and the professionals of the IT industry design the CompTIA A+ credentials and are kept up-to-date with the ever-changing technological advancements. The certification makes the individuals confident in terms of the skillset and the information he/she has, as it is precisely on the same benchmark as the employers usually demand. The certification also depicts that the individual is up-to-date in terms of the relevancy and other developments in the industry. 

Certification as an achievement 

The procedure to earn this certification is no doubt cumbersome, but at the same time, it is rewarding too. The candidate has to pass a written test, the preparation of which requires a lot of learning and practice. Most of the people are unable to pass it in the first attempt, and many leave preparation as it quite hard to be that consistent. So, acquiring the certification is no doubt an outstanding achievement, and one must be proud of it. While working as a support specialist, you would stand out due to this certification; also, it is something which you can boast of. 

The level of seriousness in your career

Many experts, professionals, and employees do not go for the certifications, but at the same time, if you are the one who has acquired the CompTIA A+ certification at an early stage of your career; it is an indicator that you are the one who is quite serious about your career. The employers mostly demand such qualities in the workers, and the extra credentials, just like CompTIA A+ certification usually helps out in getting better jobs faster, because the hiring managers believe in such individuals to be a precious asset of the company. 


The CompTIA A+ certification helps you to get the best jobs with good pay faster, and also develop the prospects about career strongly. The total numbers of professionals who have acquired the certification are over two million, which has made a global community of professionals. The group of certified experts makes each other learn while interacting and can also help in learning new skills from others. This creates an opportunity to create a robust global network that can pay off in multiple ways.