Cyber Security has been a big concern for almost every business around the globe due to rapid expansion in the IT industry and the changing paradigm of the use of IT in the business. Cyber Security professionals are now playing a vital role in order to keep both the businessContinue Reading


You know how they say “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”? Well, not everyone gets that lucky – Some of us do what we don’t love and have to work every single day. Continue Reading


According to last year’s Office For National Statistics, the average earnings went up by almost 3%. An average person earned around £585 per week. But these figures varied based on a person’s occupation, location, gender, and age. Continue Reading

Are you looking for a career in engineering? Then consider becoming a Capacity Engineer. Capacity Engineers work in production and manufacturing industries and analyse data to help increase efficiency, reduce costs, and optimise processes. It’s an excellent choice for anyone interested in the engineering field that can think critically andContinue Reading

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