CompTIA Certifications


Cyber Security has been a big concern for almost every business around the globe due to rapid expansion in the IT industry and the changing paradigm of the use of IT in the business. Cyber Security professionals are now playing a vital role in order to keep both the businessContinue Reading

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certificates are responsible to reveal their expertise on skill to design, develop, deploy, support and configure IT Systems of Healthcare industries like clinics and hospitals. Health Information Technology (HTT) is the fastest growing technology across the world where the demands of Healthcare IT Technician Certificate are rapidly growing across the world. Continue Reading

An overview of the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner The key purpose of a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP in short) is to secure both Computer System and Computer Network Infrastructure for any organization, regardless of the type and size of the business. These professionals are experts in analyzing and assessingContinue Reading

CompTIA Linux+ Certification delivers the skill required to install and configure Linux Operating System to ensure the smooth operations of a stable business process. Continue Reading

CompTIA Server+ certification recognises both the knowledge and experience of an IT Professional to configure, maintain and troubleshoot the hardware and software components of a Server. Continue Reading

Network+ is not any vendor-specific certification, rather it could be considered as a vendor-neutral certification. This certification program recognizes the expertise of an IT professional in designing, developing, deploying, configuring and maintaining the computer network of a business.Continue Reading

CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ certifications certify the set of skill and knowledge, required for an entry-level IT Technician which includes repairing and assembling a computer, install and configure system software and application software, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer network, ensure the safety and security of data, having required knowledge of cloud computing and so on. Continue Reading