Cloud Security Certifications

Cloud Security Certifications

The demand for cloud computing is increasing day by day. Companies are transferring their data to the cloud as it provides a bigger space and increases the availability of the information or the data. With the ever-increasing usage and demand of cloud computing, the threats attached to it are not be forgotten. There are security threats to the information stored in the cloud and for this reason, the demand for IT professionals and cloud security professionals is increasing for encryption, monitoring, IAM, and multi-layer protections. 

Gartner made an estimation in which it was stated that 20% of the growth rate of business organizations is increased as compared to others if they use the cloud technology. Now, with its increasing use, 36 of the applications in organizations are cloud-based. Ergo, to be ahead in the IT industry, cloud security certifications are compulsory. In this blog, the cloud security certifications have been shortlisted that are considerable and effective. 

 Professional Cloud Security Manager

This course is provided by Cloud Credential Council. This course aims to bring IT professionals in the industry that will be able to manage cloud security, compliance issues risk as they are interrelated to cloud security and cloud computing. This course will also guide the technical and business-related challenges in any business organization and cloud computing environment. After achieving this course, a PCSM certified will be able to do the following tasks:

  • Securing cloud computing services and deployment models irrespective of vendors
  • Implementing best cloud security practices and principles to cloud infrastructures.
  • Managing and controlling the access to cloud computing 
  • Securing applications, data, operating systems, and inclusivity of cloud computing infrastructure.

For this course the IT professional and five years of experience in IT security. 

Certified Cloud Security Specialist (CCSS)

This course is provided by the Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF). This is a training program comprising of 3 days. This course will teach learners to analyze and assess risks attached to cloud computing. By learning this course, you will be able to manage and alleviate the risks attached to cloud computing. This course will give an in-depth understanding of technological and architectural security along with the design and architecture of cloud computing and security. 

To get enrolled in this course, it is necessary to have any of the certificates listed down:

  1. A certification of GSTF Certified Cloud Computing Associate (CCCA)
  2. A certification of GSTF Certified Cloud Computing Specialist (CCCS)
  3. An advanced certification of EXIN Cloud Technologies

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

Cloud Security Alliance provides this course of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK). This course is common among IT professionals and it’s the top-rated certificate among Top Cloud Computing certificates provided by Cloud Security Alliance. In this course, the areas that will be covered are cloud security areas as per CSA Security Guidance and ENISA Report. This course will validate all of your technical skills and knowledge in the cloud security area.

Having these certificates will boost you among the potential employers and give you the vas and applicable knowledge in the field of Cloud computing and security. Your skills, knowledge, and expertise will be demonstrated and determined by these cloud security certificates.