Computer Animator

Computer Animator

Computer Animators are primarily responsible for creating visual effects and 3D Motion Graphics. Creativity is the secret key to success for Computer Animator. Creative computer animators design outstanding animation for a wide range of mediums including television program, mobile apps, films, video games and websites. Computer animators are required to work with an appropriate combination of Computer Hardware and Software in order to come up with the finest product, out of their talent. The demands of Computer Animators are rising up due to the rapid evolution in animation technology, uprising popularity and the diversified devices used to access such entertainment content. It is now considered one of the most attractive job position for technically obsessed artists. Again, almost 57% of computer animators are self-employed, working on a project basis or as a freelancer, who always want to be their own boss.

As a Computer Animator, you have multiple options to accelerate your career. You may choose your career path following a Game Animator, Mobile App Designer, movie/film animator, Video games Designer, Website Designer and so on. For example, a Computer Animator, who works only on the animation part of the video game, can easily accelerate his skill level compared with others who are working on different animation mediums. It is the Computer Animator, who is required to find his/her interest in any particular arena of the animation world and measure the level of skill to become an expert in the animation field

Expected Skills and Responsibilities From a Computer Animator

Computer Animators are expected to have adequate technical and communication skills to explore their creativity and perform accordingly and perform effectively in their job roles. The job description of a Computer Animator may vary depending on the field of animation he/she is working with; there are some generic responsibilities, which imply to all regardless their type of animation. Some such responsibilities are mentioned below:

·   They must be familiar with the most updated and recent animation software like Maya, Autodesk, Mari along with a set of software provided from Adobe’s Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects and so on).

·   Computer Animators must be able to work with state of the art animation techniques like character rigging, motion capture, 3D modeling and texture development in order to bring life to their developed creation/character.

·   A deep understanding of Physics and anatomy will help the Computer Animator to work more effectively on their objects; regarding how and why things move in alignment with the natural and realistic movement.

·   Sometimes, a Computer Animator is required to work as a part of a team or they might have to lead the team for a large scale animation project. Working with a team is important for the career centric Computer Animator, as this will allow them to focus more on the particular task they are assigned for.

·   Computer Animators must know how to use storyboarding in order to develop complex scenes and visualize the sequences of the animation.

·   Sometimes, the Computer Animator needs to work in collaboration with the talent in the film/movie industry like the actors and/or the directors etc.

·   They must have strong ideas and clear knowledge on conventional concepts of art like color, shading, light, perspective, sequence order and composition.

·   Computer Animators must also have the capacity to work under pressure to meet the deadline of the project, as well.

Salary of Computer Animator

On an average, a Computer Animator is getting paid around £54,309, per annum. There are some other job roles which are similar to Computer Animator. Average salaries of those animation professionals are:

·        Computer Animation Instructor : £42,672

·        Motion Graphics Designer          : £44,999

·        Flash Animator                            : £47,327

·        Maya Animator                           : £48,103

·        Advertising Animator                  : £51,206

·        Web Animator                             : £52,758

·        Computer Animator            : £54,309

·        Mobile Animator                         : £58,189

·        Video Game Animator                : £62,068

·        Computer Animation Manager  : £65,171

Academic Requirements of a Computer Animator

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation, Fine Arts, Multimedia Design, Graphic Design or relevant field of study is required for a Computer Animator. You can change the competitive game for a Computer Animator job if you already have a rich and successful portfolio with great feedback from your clients. It is suggested that you have started building a reel as soon as possible and keep continuing until you reach your best work. Academic background is obviously an issue to the recruiters, but you can easily stand out of the status quo with your creative work and the excellent compliments from your clients.

It is important for a Computer Animator to have in-depth working skill on at least one or more popular animation software like Maya, Mari, after effects, 3D Max, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on. A clear understanding of graphics design, motion capture, multimedia design, 3D modeling and storyboarding is a must for any Computer Animator. In order to become more successful, a Computer Animator must have some basic to advanced level of knowledge on physics and mathematics, as well. There is no alternative for a Computer Animator to know about basic animation tools and techniques like color composition, lighting, shadow, drawing and so on.

A professional Computer Animator must have promotional communication skills and soft skills like written communication, verbal communication, time management along with an appropriate problem solving attitude.

Training programs on Computer Animation are now available at many training centers. You can even learn a lot from distance learning programs about Computer Animation, as well.

Training and Certification

We are offering a training course on Computer Animation using the most updated and frequently used CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting Software). After successful completion of the training, our skilled and experienced HR professional will help you get an updated CV for better job placement for you. We have a proven track record of providing skilled Computer Animators to different IT companies’ across the UK, who are serving their companies with outstanding performance. So, you have very less to worry about a successful job placement through our training program.