CyberSecurity Strategies

What are CyberSecurity Strategies?

Cybersecurity does not work for a single company but is instead hired by a customer to test the organization’s actions and then create and implement a better defense. 

For a strategic edge, the Primary areas of accountability are to comprehend the enterprise’s fundamental information security capabilities and the worth they bring to business operations. To interfere with internal and extrinsic consumers to guarantee continuous client satisfaction, as well as meeting SLAs and KPIs to support business operations. To ensures that policies, norms, and procedures are followed or that appropriate outlier documentation is completed. To collaborate with key relevant parties from the Line of Business (LOB), CCS, and other groups across corporate IT Services to provide clarity on information security issues.


  • Offer regular notifications to CCS management on LOB strategies, critical project work and associated risks, potential policy exclusions, and other pertinent items.
  • Ensure that information security requirement are adequately represented in all LOB processes, such as risk evaluations, new product assessments, app development, running tests, and ongoing operational activities.
  • Participate in LOB-sponsored projects as needed and provide advice on information security issues.
  • Handle corporate resource credentials, perks, and access to make sure that all information systems are usable and secure, and that SLAs are encountered.


  • 3+ years of experience creating/modifying user accounts in RSA SecurID and/or RSA AM Prime.
  • 3+ years of experience creating/modifying user accounts in Active Directory.
  • 2+ years of experience in a Help Desk or end-user support role using 2FA, Citrix, and VPN.
  • 2+ years of experience enabling 2FA services using various mobile devices and hardware.

Job opportunities:

  • Consultant in information security
  • Consultant in computer security
  • Database security expert
  • Consultant in network security

Whatever title they choose, they use their extensive knowledge and years of experience to advise, guide, instruct, and assist their clients in implementing better security measures.