Document Imaging Specialist

Who is a Document Imaging Specialist?

Document imaging specialists provide technical guidance on issues concerning the conversion, preservation, and ease of access of physical records subject to an electronic keeping records format. Your commitments as a document imaging specialist involve checking paper documents so that all data is noticeable on the digital photo of the text. You may also be in charge of storing the image correctly in a database so that others can find it if necessary. You may need to analyze the information on the piece of paper to file it correctly with the appropriate keywords and identifying information.

This role frequently involves assisting with mailing, having to file, backup, and other operational processes. Examples of responsibilities for this role include the capacity to demonstrate expertise in medical document format and subjects for all visit types. Knowledgeable of the privacy and security necessities for safeguarded health information.


Normally, a job would necessitate a certain level of education. Employers looking for document imaging specialists typically prefer candidates with relevant degrees such as an Associate and High School Degree in Medical, Clinical Terminology, Training, High School Education, Computer, Supervisory, Writing, English, Keypad, and Primary Care.

With the growth of electronic information storage and retrieval, there is an expanding market for document specialists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry for document specialists will expand by an average of 12% through 2018. Where the involvement of document scanning was previously delegated, new positions requiring specialized training are arising.

The document professional is in charge of managing and maintaining equipment, as well as continuing to develop document management guidelines and best practices. They must be trained in the use and maintenance of scanning equipment, as well as have a basic understanding of enterprise and cloud services. The document imager must be knowledgeable about compliance issues and the electronic medical track.

Job opportunities for Document Imaging Specialist: 

  • Document Imaging Specialist
  • Document Scanning Specialist
  • Scanning Specialist
  • Document Manager
  • Editor