Enterprise Architect

Who is an Enterprise Architect?

The enterprise architect serves as an ambassador for logic and kindness through an organization’s differing clusters of systems. Their role entails delving deeply into the processes of each of these clusters, establishing technological and cultural interaction, and incorporating the silver thread of good common sense and reasoning that will connect these information systems into a fully operational whole. The goal is to build an agile and resilient architecture to accommodate future changes required to meet future business goals.

To achieve foundational business results, an architect will typically combine software development best practices with business skills and refactoring thinking. The primary goal of the job is to “balance concerns.” This means that the proper balance of business results, elegance, cost, technological advancement, future flexibility, and technical deficit avoidance is accomplished. An enterprise architect’s primary focus is on IT cost reductions and reducing system failures for the organisation. They want to quickly scale the enterprise’s current and new functionality while meeting a diversified and divergent set of technology and business stakeholder needs and avoiding future ambiguity.

Enterprise Architect Requirements

Before you can take on the role of an enterprise architect, you should have an undergraduate degree in computer science or a connected field, as well as five to ten years of IT experience. Depending on the business, you may also be required to have a master’s degree. An enterprise architect must have communication, insight, leadership, team spirit, and problem-solving skills to prosper in the position. Most companies are looking for someone with SQL, data sourcing, enterprise information management, modelling, business strategy, internal audit, and conformance experience in a traditional enterprise architect job role. Cloud computing, the architecture of the system, strategy development, and enterprise solutions are among the other skills and areas of expertise.

Job opportunities for Enterprise Architects: 

Enterprise architects play a critical role in establishing a company’s IT infrastructure as well as maintaining and upgrading IT hardware, software, and services to make sure that they support established corporate objectives.

  • Architecture
  • Enterprise Manager
  • IT Professional
  • Architect Manager
  • Project Manager