Importance of IT Certifications for Microsoft Jobs

Importance of IT Certifications for Microsoft Jobs

The IT job market is growing high right now at this moment. Numbers of job opportunities are higher in the market compared with the available potential candidates. Job seekers in the IT industry now have more options than ever before. At the same time, it is important to get ready and prepared to be considered as the most qualified person to be able to stand high in the crowd to be selected.

It is true that there is a shortage of skilled job workers in the market, though the job seekers must prepare themselves as the potential candidates for their desired posts. In such a reality, candidates having the appropriate set of skills and requirements will stay ahead of the competition to secure the dream job.

One of the most effective ways to increase your potential in the IT job market is to earn relevant certificates. According to a survey result, almost 54% of Microsoft Professionals have earned official Microsoft Certification, which is considered as a wise move for the IT job seekers in the market.

It is a matter to decide which certificate could be the best option for your career. It actually depends on your previous academic track record and work experience. It is obvious that earning one such certificate will boost your chance of getting hired in the job market, but sometimes candidates find it difficult to find and select the right certificate for their career path. Such certification also helps the job holders to get easily promoted to a higher position and earn an increment in their salary, as well. According to research, 23% of certified job holders are usually getting an increase of 20% in their salary.

The Importance of IT Certification to The Recruiters:

It is not an easy task for hiring managers always to select the right candidates for their business.  The paradigm of the IT industry has changed a lot over the last few decades due to the rapid growth of innovation and the use of different and diversified tools and technologies for both the software and application development purpose. At the same time, the pattern of Computer Network Infrastructure and Networking technology has also changed rapidly; as a result, recruiters can no longer rely on previously certified Network Administrator.

 On the other hand, vendor-neutral and vendor-specific Certification programs are changing and updating their curriculum to keep the learning process up-to-date and synchronised with the current trend of IT. A recent study shows that hiring managers rely almost 86% on CompTIA certified professionals. Vendor-specific Certification Providers like Microsoft, Cisco and many such companies are now offering more focused certification programs which are considered as part of the recent trend of IT operation. Topics like Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and similar topics are on the edge of certified IT Professionals.

Such certification recognises that you are capable of continuing with the assigned duties and responsibilities of the job, that you are doing. Recruiters are now looking for the recognition of skill and experience in order to continue the IT operation of their business without facing any trouble.

 In today’s world technology has already become a part of the business. In such a tech-oriented business market, job seekers are getting more prone to achieve extra credentials through these certification programs with a purpose to prove them as the right candidate for the business.

How Well The Recruiters Recognizes The Microsoft Certifications:

There are a lot of Microsoft Certified Programs, which are globally recognised and ensure the optimum level of skill, acquired by certified professionals, as well. For example, in 2018, Microsoft declares its MCSE Certification as ‘Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification’. This certification program clearly explains the ability of the individual to manage the cloud storage effectively, control the data centre, address both the virtualisation and computer networking and ensure the security of the computer and network infrastructure of the business, as well. On average, the salary of an Azure Cloud Architect is £111,887.

MCSE Certified Professionals are always in high demand in the job market of the IT industry. Among those who are specialised in cloud computing, are getting higher priority in the job market, as well.

Apart from that, the demand for Application software Developers is also getting high in the job market, as well. According to a study, the employment rate of Application Software Developer will rise to 24% by the year2026. The average salary of a Software Developer is £83,786. Another Certification program known as MCSD, offered by Microsoft recognises the talent, ability and skill of the individual to develop flawless and top-notch applications (both the mobile and web application), as per the requirement of the business and/or the client.

MCSA is another high demand certification program, offered by Microsoft. MCSA Professionals are usually known as Data Engineering with Azure. The term ‘Big Data’ is no longer a buzz word in the IT industry and Tech giants like Microsoft and similar other companies have already started working with both the concept and technology for Big Data. As a result, newer disciplines like Data Science, Data Mining, AI, ML are emerging from the school of Computer Science and Engineering, around the world. MCSA Professionals are skilled enough to deal and work with Big Data, which allows them to work as a Database Administrator, Business intelligence Analyst and so on. Without any server exception, recruiters of any IT Organization will not miss the chance to recruit MCSA Certified Professional to boost up the business process of their IT operation. Expertise on Azure technology takes the MCSA professionals to a different height, and that makes these professionals as the most demanding employees in the IT Industry, around the world.

There is no doubt that any such Certification Program, offered by Microsoft, will let anyone kick start their career as an IT Professional. End of the day, it is you, the job seeker, who has the option to choose the right certification path to move forward through the most appropriate career for his/her life.