Jobs Available For CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals

Jobs Available For CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals

CompTIA Security+ Certified professionals are eligible for many posts and positions in the IT industry across the world. On the other hand, the issue of Cyber Threats and Cybersecurity is now becoming a vital issue for almost every IT company, regardless of the type and size of the company. There are six major areas where CompTIA Security+ Certification concentrates, and those areas are:

  •  Vulnerability, Cyber Attacks, and Online Threats
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Design and architecture of IT infrastructure
  • Identify and assess risk management.
  • Uses of PKI and Cryptography

 CompTIA Security+ is vendor-neutral recognition, which means these professionals are capable of performing their duties on any company or organisation, regardless of the type and devices they are using. Moreover, CompTIA is recognised by ANSI, in collaboration with the ISO 17024 standard. CompTIA A+ is considered as one comprehensive test, where the candidates are required to go through different study materials to get well prepared for the exam.

How The CompTIA Security+ Certification May Help Your Career?

CompTIA Security+ is not a lightweight exam, and this certificate will let your employer consider you as one of the most potential candidates, among others. The key reason behind this is, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals will be able to:

  • Describe Security issue of Computer Network infrastructure.
  • Identify and configure Computer Networking devices and take immediate action in case of any disaster.
  • Design, develop, deploy and configure enterprise-level Computer Network that can tolerate common faults of the network infrastructure.
  • Identify any threats related to the Computer Network and take the required measures to prevent any kind of cyber attack.
  • Design and implement policies, rules and regulation regarding the IT infrastructure of the business.
  • Describe the effects of environmental controls of the business.
  • Apply Public Key Infrastructure and Cryptography, where necessary.
  • Create an access control group and manage authorisation and authentication due to the security of essential business data.
  • Clarify the concept of the confidentiality and integrity of data, as well.
  • Secure the Computer System and Computer Network from common vulnerabilities like wireless attacks, malware, etc.
 Other Certifications Those Are Similar To CompTIA Security+ Certificate

 As mentioned above, CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification exam. Though there are some other certification exams which are similar to this one and some such certifications are:

  • GIAC – GIAC Security Essentials Certification.
  • CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional.
  • GPEN – GIAC Penetration Tester.
  • SSCP – Systems Security Certified Practitioner.
  • CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker.
  • ECSA – EC-Council Certified Security Analyst.
  • CISM – Certified Information Security Manager.
  • CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor.
  • CRISC – Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control.
Job Opportunities For CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals

The best parts about CompTIA Security+ Professionals are that plenty of job opportunities are there for these professionals. Cyber Security is now becoming a vital issue for almost every IT company across the world. The demand for Cyber Professionals is rising almost exponentially due to the rapid growth of the IT industry around the globe. A significant number of IT Managers are looking forward to hiring Cyber Security Professionals to keep the IT infrastructure of the business safe and secure.

The Most Wanted Jobs For CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals

 Cyber Security Professionals are looking for jobs where they can perform their duties, responsibilities and utilises their skill in full scale. Followings are the list of such jobs that these professionals are looking for:

  •  Security Auditor
  • Security Analyst
  • Network Architecture
  • System Engineer
  • Cyber Forensic Investigator
  • IT Director
  • Network Engineer
  • Security Manager
  • System Administrator
IT Professionals looking for such position must possess the following skill
  •  Implementing and configuring a firewall
  • Developing a secured application
  • Detecting intrusion
  • Implementing advanced malware system
  • Efficient in IT Audit and Compliance
  • Familiar with virtualisation and cloud computing
Security Jobs for Entry Level

 There is no prerequisite for the CompTIA Security+ exam, though CompTIA Certification Exams have a hierarchy. Usually, IT professionals are looking forward to passing CompTIA A+ Certification, followed by CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ Certification exam.

In most of the cases, CompTIA Certification exam helps the IT Professionals to get inside the job environment by confirming their placement at an entry-level position. Work experience for some certain years and other relevant certifications may help the candidates to secure mid-level positions in the organisation. Employees will be considered to get paid higher when they find enough potential inside the employee, along with sufficient work experience. In general, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals are deemed to apply for the jobs, listed below:

  • Service Desk Executive: in general, this is the help desk from where you need to start your IT career. Typically, you have attended calls and queries from clients and staff of the organisation regarding hardware, software, system administration, and configuration and so on. You will be the responsible person to assist the end-users over different communication medium; regarding any kind of IT-related issues.
  • Security Analyst: The job role of a security analyst is to install, update and configure security software and firewall in the computer of the end-users of the organisation. Besides this, he/she must plan and take adequate security measures to keep the entire computer System and Network Infrastructure of the business.
  • Junior Network Administrator: Employees at this job position are responsible for keeping all the computers of the business up and running smoothly without facing any problem. Their key responsibility is to keep both the computer and network infrastructure updated, as well.
  • IT Support Technician: This is one of the most required positions for almost every IT company. IT Support technicians are mainly responsible for installing, updating and configuring the computer system of the business.
  • Application Software Analyst: Software companies and/or IT firms looking for application-specific expertise are seeking employees for this position. CompTIA Security+ Certificate will be considered as an added advantage for employees working at this position. They must provide application support to the end-users of the business, and another of their key responsibilities is to develop and secure custom made applications for the company.
  • Change and Configuration Agent: At this position, your primary responsibility will be documenting, reviewing, and working in collaboration with the stakeholders of the organisations. As an employee, you must have to version control process, testing and deploying the application, developed for the business.
  • At many IT companies, CompTIA Security+ Certified Professionals are working as IT Support representatives, as well. The employees are responsible for troubleshooting different computer components like computers, networking devices, printers, scanners and so on.

These are a couple of few job placements that you may look forward to as a CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional. Needless to mention that, some such job placement may require extra skill to accomplish the job role of the organisation. You must have a strong concept of hardware and software related issues while working any of these job positions. It is true that the more you continue working as an IT Professional, the more experience you will earn, that will help you to move up through your career ladder.

It is recommended that you should go for a CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ before you are going for CompTIA Security+ Certified Professional.

 Average Expected Salaries for IT Security Professionals

Cyber Security Jobs are in high demand in the IT industry across the world, and followings are some list of an average salary of Cyber Security Professionals:

  • The average salary of Information Security Analyst: £56,234
  • The average salary of a Security Engineer: £70,950
  • Average Salary for Information Security Engineer: £75,911
  • Average Salary of Cyber Security Analyst: £58,953
  • Average Salary for Information Security Manager: £90,542

The career opportunity of a professional, certified and experienced cybersecurity professional has lots of options as the demand for this position is getting high compared with other job positions. Working as a Cyber Security professional is challenging, but at the same time, there is a lot of potential for this position as well. Sincerity and dedication to your job can help you secure a higher position within the same or different organisation.