Jobs You Can Do With a Computer Science Degree

Jobs You Can Do With a Computer Science Degree

The IT industry is now being considered as the most rapidly growing industry across the world, and the number of jobs you can do with a computer science degree are skyrocketing. Newer technologies like cloud computing, virtualisation, Cyber Security, Data Science, Mobile Application and many more are not only widening the scopes of job opportunity in this sector but also changing the paradigm of the IT industry, as well. The most exciting part about developing a career in the IT industry is; there are different and diversified options available for Computer Science Graduates. You will find the amplitude of options to pick your favourite job as a Computer Engineer.

 Computer Graduates have major and minor in their bachelor degree. The primary focus of computer science is on hardware and software related studies. Besides that, the students of Computer Science also earned required knowledge on data-structure, algorithm, mathematics, probability, statistics, networking, database, programming and many more. There are many specialised Computer Science programs which concentrate deep inside any particular subject matter of Computer Science and make the student an expert in that sector. You have plenty of options to choose among various topics from Computer Science subjects and invest your time, money and effort to ensure the dream job you are looking for.

 The Master’s in Computer Science program is more specialised compared with the Bachelor of Computer Science program. The Master’s in Computer Science program is designed in a way which helps a student earn more skill and knowledge on a particular branch of Computer Science. There is a Master’s program like MBAs in computer science, which focuses mostly on the business operation of the IT industry. The combination of a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Master’s in Computer Science program could be considered as a perfect blend to secure a management level position of any IT company. PhD and Doctoral level degree in Computer Science concentrate on more specific research and development on advanced computing issues.

This discussion will give you an overall idea about what you may achieve even through a Computer Science Diploma program. The further discussion will help get to know more about the outcome of major, minor and even elective courses of Computer Science program.

Followings are some most attractive jobs you can confirm through your Computer Science Degree:

1. Data Scientist:

Enormous amounts of data are being generated every day through different means and Media like social media, e-mail, audio-visual content and many more. In most of the cases, these data are not being appropriately handled to get the foresight, by analysing these data. Businesses around the world are focusing more on bringing the inside meaning of data, produced from their business operations and the ways to forecast business analytics from there. Data Science related jobs usually require a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Data Science. Data Scientists are also responsible for working with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and some relevant programming languages like Python, R, SQL etc.

It is recommended that the candidate must have a Master’s in Data Science for working as a Data Scientist and the average salary of Data Scientists is £93,950.

2. Software Engineer

To become a Software Engineer, you must complete your Bachelors in Computer Science. Software Engineers are primarily responsible for developing, debug and configure both the Application and System Software for the Computer and Embedded Computing System. Good knowledge and understanding of programming language is a must for Software Engineers. It is expected that Software Engineers have adequate knowledge and experience on different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Ruby and so on. Besides these, Software Engineers must also have the knowledge and understanding of website design and development, database development and the basic to advanced level knowledge on Computer Networking, as well.

 Bachelor of Computer Science is recommended for any candidate, looking for a Software Engineer job, and the average salary of a Software Engineer is £82,305.

3. Computer Scientist

The work arena of Computer Scientists is different and diversified. For example, they are used to work in medical science, astrology, environmental science, aeronautical engineering and so on. Usually, IT companies expect a Master’s Degree in Computer Science for any individual to work as a Computer Scientist. Most of the works of Computer Scientists are related to research and development, and many of them are looking forward to earning a PhD in computer science, through their skill and work experience.

The core areas of study for Computer Scientists are applied mathematics, design and develop algorithms, developing technical content for scientific research, working with both verbal and written communication and so on.

Master’s of Computer Science and/or PhD in Computer Science is preferred for any candidate looking forward to working as a computer scientist. The average salary of a Computer Scientist is £76,870.

4. Mobile Application Developer

Smartphones are no longer conceded as a luxury; instead, it is now an essential part of our daily life. Applications for these smartphones are making our experience more accessible from home to our workplace. IT companies are hiring Computer Science Graduates to develop mobile applications for different mobile operating systems. Though Android and iOS are the most dominant mobile operating systems, newer operating systems are coming from other vendors, and the demand for mobile applications is getting higher every day. Computer Science graduates, who are interested in developing mobile applications, must have strong knowledge of programming languages like Java, Objective C, Android Operating System and iOS Operating System. A good understanding of user experience and the user interface is recommended for mobile application developers, to develop need-based and flawless mobile applications for the end-users.

 A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science is required to become a professional and recognised mobile application developer. The average salary of a mobile application developer is £83,080. 

5. Computer System Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts are playing their role where both the business and technology merges. The crucial part of a Computer System Analyst is to work deep inside the computer system of the company with a purpose to speed up the business process of the organisation. A Master’s in Business Administration, focusing on Computer Science and/or Computing technology is considered as a perfect academic match for this position. Some IT companies consider a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science as enough to employ a Computer System Analyst, but a major in MIS (Management Information System) is recommended.

Computer Systems Analysts are usually looking forward to securing the top and/or management level position of any IT Company. Job positions like CTO, CIO, VP (IT) and IT Manager are the posts they are seeking for. A strong communication and leadership skill is a must for Computer System Analysts, as they have to work in balance with both the business operation and technical aspect of the organisation, at the same time.

The average salary of a Computer System Analyst is £69,105.

Other Computer Science Jobs:

There are many other jobs that Computer Science Degree holders are looking for. Followings are the list of some such jobs:

Job PositionRequired DegreeAverage salary
IT Security SpecialistBachelor’s in Computer Science£83,080
Technology ManagerBachelor’s in Computer Science£102,492
Computer ProgrammerBachelor’s in Computer Science£56,681
Chief Information OfficerMaster’s in Computer Science£100,597
Web DeveloperBachelor’s in Computer Science£62,117
Cloud EngineerBachelor’s in Computer Science£92,398