Machine Learning Certifications

Machine Learning Certifications

When the time is all about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is becoming an essential element of the IT industry. It is one of the most interesting fields that’s demand is increasing. In our routine, we see many activities on websites that are due to Machine learning. Spam filtration, search engines, fraud detection, smart replies, chats bots, etc. are the few to name. The three main Machine Learning certifications are listed below will be helpful for you – if you’re interested in Machine learning. 

Machine Learning Stanford Online

If you’re looking for a broader spectrum and introduction to machine learning and statistical pattern recognition, then you shouldn’t miss this course. This course will also teach you the clear differences between supervised and unsupervised learning theory along with the learning theory, Reinforcement learning, and control. Learning this course will let you explore and traverse through the latest applications of ML. designs, and algorithms for machines. 

The prerequisites for this course are that the learners must have an engineering or IT background. The benefits of this course include that you will be able to understand the generative learning algorithms, evaluation and debugging of learning algorithms, value and policy iteration, and much more. 

Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization

This course aims to focus on building machine learning models and give a detailed introduction and overview of Machine learning. Besides that, this is a beginner-level course so learners will understand machine learning, the reason for its increasing demand, classes on TensorFlow, and an open-source machine learning framework. The objectives of this course are to create, train, deploy ML models, solve numerical problems, and much more. The benefits of this course are that the learners will learn problem-solving, creating models that scale in TensorFlow, hands-on labs availability, and it will also boost your CV among potential employers.

The prerequisites for this course are that the learners must have an engineering or IT background. Since this is a specialization, there are five courses in it and it’s a self-paced course so you will able to watch and go through the videos whenever you want to. 

Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

This course is mainly designed for IT professionals and undergrads who are agog to build their careers and be ahead in the industry. This course focuses on the essentials and necessary training that is required for Artificial intelligence and the AI-powered future. This certificate will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills that you will be able to demonstrate in any organization at the frontline of the artificial intelligence revolution. This course will be delivered to you by the ML and AI experts that will keep you updated of the latest discoveries and development in technologies and Artificial intelligence-related systems. This course will discuss all the fundamentals that are necessary to handle all of the advanced cognitive technology.

The perquisites of this course are that the learners must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, physics, or electrical engineering. The benefits of this course are that the learners will gain training from the experts, understand all the important and fundamental concepts, learn and understand the challenges of AI, and apply their gained knowledge in ML and AI.