More Opportunities for Software Developers but Companies Want New Set of Skills

After the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on the hiring of tech workers, the data released last month by Recruitment and Employment Confederation shows the increase in demand for tech skills by companies with new job postings for programmers, web designers, and software developers.

Things are starting to change for software developers with these new job opportunities, but there’s a catch; companies are demanding a new set of skills.

These changes in demand for tech skills are as a result of internal changes in the structure of businesses with cloud computing, security, and organizational change as new top priorities.

According to research conducted by tech recruiter, Harvey Nash, the most demanded skills right now by IT executives are cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, technical architecture, and organizational change and cloud. A quick comparison with last year’s survey shows big data and analytics as the most demanded skills, with cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, technical architecture, and DevOps coming right behind.

The company’s research further shows that 82% of IT executives in the UK expect to maintain the same number of employees or add more staffs since the tech industry played a vital role in helping businesses transition to remote working.

UK’s Office for National Statistics reports that over a million people have jobs in IT and telecoms, including 330,000 programmers and software developers, 240,000 works in operations and user support, 189,000 IT managers, 140,000 architects and business analysts, 100,100 are IT and telecoms directors, and 60,000 are web designers.

For the next 12 months, sectors such as healthcare, charity, technology, and finance will see a rise in the hiring rate of tech professionals such as software developers. This gives software developers enough time to acquire a new set of skills required by companies.