Skills That Recruiters Are Looking For in an IT Leader

Skills That Recruiters Are Looking For in an IT Leader

The economy in the IT industry is growing high, employment opportunities are expanding and there is a huge demand for leadership skill in collaboration with technical expertise in the IT industry around the world. New technologies like IoT(Internet of Things), 5G telecommunication network, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality and many more are occupying the market in a rapid manner that creates the demand of skilled and experienced executives with strong leadership skills.

In this new era of IT industry, only technical knowledge without any leadership skill is not enough, as both the technology and the business merge together in recent days. It is obvious that technical skill is required for getting employed in the IT industry, but at the same time, a certain level of soft skill is also required for making strategic decisions and plans.

Here, the recruiter has to play the key role while recruiting IT Professionals either for executive level and/or other positions. There was a time when recruiters started the recruiting process with a checklist in hand and confirmed the recruitment of an individual if the maximum of the checklist is checked. Now, the reality has changed, and in most cases, the recruiter won’t feel comfortable unless all the boxes of the checklist are checked. This discussion will define the quality and skill that employers are looking for during the recruitment process.

Capacity Of Thinking Strategically

Technical knowledge and skill are not good enough for either mid or high-level position at any IT business, as he/she must be able to think about the strategic outcome of any decision regarding the product/service, market segment and the end-users. For example, the tech giant Apple chooses Tim Cook, after Steve Jobs as Tim was extremely familiar with the technology Apple was depending on and also a clear understanding about the supply chain of Apple products in the market, as well.

The Capacity To Shape The Business Culture

Besides technical know-how, a strong leadership skill reflects the capacity of integrating the existing business culture. Taking such a decision is not an easy task, and sometimes the employers may have to take the risk of recruiting a person who seemed less qualified in terms of technical know-how but skilled enough to synchronize with the existing culture of the business, as well.

Maintaining The Commitment

 Fulfilling the commitment is the key to success in any business and IT business is no exception to that. Sometimes, IT executives are finding it difficult to meet the commitment they made to their client, but this is the challenge which they must face. Being able to fulfil the commitment reflects the reputation and capacity of the business. Successful teamwork is much needed for ensuring such commitment but it is the role of the business executives to play the perfect leadership role in order to achieve such success.

 Delivering The Best Product

Taking the order and delivering the product is the common process of any business. Here, it is important to meet the deadline and deliver quality products. In the case of the IT business, it has become more sensitive as the technology is changing more rapidly than ever before. As an IT Professional, you must think strategically, ensure collaborative teamwork and focus on both the creativity and longevity of the product before delivering it to the end-user. Only an expert business leader can bring all these things in one place.