SAP (System Applications and Products in Data Processing)

SAP (System Applications and Products in Data Processing) Certifications

What is SAP Training

The demand for SAP (System Applications and Products in Data Processing) certified IT professionals is increasing rapidly over the IT and other industries. One of the key reasons behind such demand for SAP certified professionals is integrating and depending on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software in almost every business around the world. SAP-certified individuals are considering high valued IT professionals as they possess the required skills and knowledge to put their effort on a versatile business platform that includes FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling), MM (Materials Management), and PP (Production Planning).

A Brief About SAP Certification

SAP AG is a globally known vendor of ERP that conducts the SAP Certifications. Individuals looking forward to pursuing his/her IT career on the SAP platform must move to earn this SAP Certificate through the exam as it is globally recognised and accepted. SAP platforms are adding features to their system in a continuous manner, and these features include web and cloud interfaces, e-business applications, and so on. SAP solutions are now considered a complete and comprehensive solution package to manage almost every kind of business process.

You may separate SAP courses under two different categories. In one category, the subject matter of SAP certification focuses more on the business process’s functional aspect. The other category of SAP certification emphasises the technical aspects of the business process. The exam patterns are similar for both SAP categories, but the subject matter and the course content may differ.

Requirements for SAP Certification

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