The Growing Rate of Job Opportunity in The UK During Lockdown

The Growing Rate of Job Opportunity in the UK During Lockdown

During the lockdown, the growing rate of job opportunities in the UK brought hope to every job seeker during these trying times. According to a study of the Office of National Statistics (UK), the job opportunity in the tech sector of the UK is still increasing even during the Corona Pandemic situation. Around 90,297 job vacations were available only for the second week of August.

This trend reflects how the tech sector of the UK is still emerging even in this crisis. The UK is always considered the best place for tech-savvy people. This country always encourages entrepreneurs, innovators and tech-oriented business-minded people. The UK Government is always backing up the people who have earned digital skills and are willing to contribute to the country’s digital sector. It is a good sign for a country like the UK that they have at least their own digital business platform, which may help the nation recover from any economic crisis.

During the Corona Pandemic situation, the recruitment process and procedure over the UK has changed a little, as per the need and requirements of the IT businesses across the country. Another research done by the Tech nation and the Government of UK has shown that the recruitment in the IT sector in the UK increased around 40% over the last two years, which confirmed the employment of around 2.93 million people. These figures include not only the tech people but also the non-technical people in the tech industry. As per this calculation, more than one million non-tech people got employed in the IT industry in the UK, and the technical workforce occupied the rest of the 1.9 million people over the UK.

Employment Opportunities For Non-Technical Professionals

As per the study of the Digital Economy Council of the UK, the recruitment of no-technical professionals is getting hired in IT companies across the nation. Non-technical positions like a delivery man, drivers, cleaners, and jobs in similar posts are more available in companies like Amazon and than ever before.

Software Developers are among the top five most demanding job recruitment positions in the UK. Other top-ranked job positions are social workers, nurses and so on. It companies are looking around for people having the required skills to work with cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc. According to another study, there is a 31% increasing demand for Data Ethics Professionals in the IT industry over the UK. Outside of London, the growth of technical job opportunities is more than one fifth among other cities like Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Cambridge, etc.

Demand for IT Professionals varies from city to city. For example, the demand for DevOps professionals increased by almost 125%, while the demand for Python Developers increased by 15% only within 2018 and 2019. Again, the demand for field service engineers increased by 50%, and the demand for DevOps Engineers increased 48% in Bristol within the same time frame (2018-2019). Apart from the capital city London, Bristol, and other nearby cities are now being considered new hubs for IT Businesses in the UK.

Job advertisement for Quality Engineers in Birmingham increased by 229%. On the other hand, the demand for Infrastructure Engineers increased by 38%. Still, the Median Salary of employees in the IT industry is comparatively higher in London than in other cities. In the year 2019, the average salary of an employee in the IT industry in the UK was £55,000. Meanwhile, the average salary of an employee in the IT industry elsewhere in London is £39,000. The average salary for any technical position was higher than the non-technical position during the year 2019.