The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on IT Jobs

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on IT Jobs

It is no longer news the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown every aspect of human lives in disarray. The immediate effect of the virus was on health and then rapidly, it crippled the business sector.

While things are starting to ease back to normal, the ambiguity remains; which leads to the question – what is the impact of the pandemic on jobs, especially in the IT industry?

This ambiguity unleashed on us by the pandemic has made startups and major IT companies in the UK to cut jobs or furlough workers.

Impact on Hiring

There are still opportunities in the IT industry, but the pandemic induced recession has significantly affected hiring.  Companies are now trying to balance the increase in demand with their respective workforces, but they can’t afford to hire more workers, so IT professionals that still have their jobs now have more workloads.

What’s next for Tech Startups?

Tech startups have been hit the hardest. Flourish, a data visualization firm, reported that 81% of tech startups have slowed down or stopped hiring. Most tech startups are back to the drawing board, accessing the effect of the pandemic on their finances and figuring ways of how to survive.

What happens to IT Students?

Fresh graduates looking to start their careers are faced with the harsh probability of that not happening, at least not for now. They now find it difficult to land IT jobs because of two reasons – companies won’t hire and those hiring prefer experienced or skilled workers.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has adversely affected jobs in the IT sector with the industry witnessing a large number of lay-offs, hereby adding to the rate of unemployment. Hiring rate has dropped drastically with an increased level of competition. Some of the people still employed were forced to take pay cuts and those who didn’t have more workload. Things are not looking good.

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