VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP)

VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP)

VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP)

VMware is providing certification and training courses on virtualization and cloud computing to meet the skill gap required in the IT industry. IT companies are now shifting their data and application to the cloud, and virtualization has a key role here. The demand for virtualization professionals is growing more rapidly than before as the paradigm of the business of IT companies is changing more rapidly. VMware certification validates the ability of an individual to deal and work on the virtualization technology to keep the business process running smoothly.

VMware provides certifications on different subject matters, including data center virtualization, network virtualization, cloud management, automation, desktop and mobility, and digital workspace. All these certifications have different levels according to the skills and knowledge measure. The discussion is mostly about the VMware advanced Professional Certification, which is considered an expert-level certification for IT professionals.

A Brief about VMware Advanced Professional Certification

VMware Advanced Professional Certification course is designed for expert and experienced IT professionals who have the basic to advanced knowledge and skills on the relevant subject matter. The content of this course will deliver you advanced knowledge of the end-user-computer environment, including the ability to recommend and design VMware solutions to meet specific requirements and goals. This is an industry-recognized certification; hence, your skills and knowledge on VMware solutions will be widely accepted.

Vmware is currently offering 21 different certifications plus ‘digital badges’ on different subject matters related to virtualization. According to some IT professionals, VSphere and virtual core certifications are the most demanding certification courses in the industry. But, there is a huge growth in network, security, and cloud certifications as well. Almost every VMware certificate comes with an Associate, Expert, and Professional level of certification to make the workforce ready to deploy at the most appropriate place within the organization, where required.

The Job Role of VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP)

VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP) is an advanced-level certification course provided by VMware. The subject matter of this course is designed for the management-level IT professionals of the organization. VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP) individuals are responsible for carrying on multiple tasks of different types and levels. Some such job responsibilities of VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP) are mentioned below:

  • Analyze the current business process of the organization and figure out if any new and more effective aspect of the feature can be included within it
  • Keep an eye to find the scopes to optimize the overall business process
  • Communicate and collaborate with the stakeholders of any particular project and also with the other stakeholders of the business
  • Create a report daily to keep track of the progress of any project
  • Have some basic to advanced level of understanding on virtualization and cloud computing
  • Must have the urge to know about the latest trend of the technology to keep the technological infrastructure updated with the latest trend
  • These professionals must know about almost every business process so that they can easily decide where to put more concentration
  • VMware Advanced Certified Professionals are also required to know the details regarding the products and services, offered by the organization
  • From the managerial point of view, the VMware Certified IT professionals are also responsible to assess and monitor the skill level of the employees
  • VMware Certified Professionals are responsible to keep consistency in the progress rate of any VMware solution
  • VMware certified professionals must also be aware of the quality of the service and product delivered to the clients
  • VMware certified professionals are responsible to design, develop and deploy an effective data recovery process including data backup and data restoration
  • VMware Certified Professionals are also responsible to take care of implementing, configuring, testing, and training VMware solution
  • These professionals must always keep themselves updated with VMware product Line
  • Vmware Advanced Certified professionals are also responsible for recognizing and arranging VLAN settings, vSS, and vDS policies.

Career Opportunities for VMware Certified Advanced Professionals

In recent days, VMware technology has created numerous job opportunities for IT professionals who would like to develop their careers in virtualization. VMware-certified professionals are now being considered as a must-have option for almost every IT company. VMware certified professionals are always in high demand in the IT industry and their job opportunity is still growing.


IT professionals working on virtualization and cloud computing are now being considered as the highest-paid employees in the industry. The salary range of Virtualization experts depends on their positions and job roles. On average, a mid-level virtualization expert may expect to earn around £86,026 per annum. The salary structure of a virtualization professional varies depending on the size and type of the company and the geographical position.

Job Roles of VMware Advanced Professional Certification

VM Certified Advance Professionalsworkg in different job roles, depending on the job description, organogram of the company, duties, responsibilities, and so on. Some such job roles of VMware Advanced Professional Certification (VCAP) are:

  • Computing System Professional (Level – III)
  • VMware Consultant
  • Windows/Linux System Administrator
  • VMware Administrator
  • Virtualization Engineer
  • Virtual Infrastructure Engineer (Level – III)
  • Senior IT Consultant
  • Cloud Engineer
  • IT Assistant Director
  • Professional Service Consultant