VMware Professional Certification (VCP)

VMware Professional Certification (VCP)

VMware Professional Certification (VCP)

VMware is now one of the leading IT companies globally to work with virtualization and cloud computing. VMware works closely with virtualization professionals, data analysts, cloud computing professionals, and system engineers worldwide to make the workforce ready to deal with the new paradigm of virtualization. Computer and computing technology is developing more rapidly than ever before. Numerous factors are now being considered as the prime issue in the technical world that includes the security of the data transmission, security of the data storage and capacity, scalability of the application, availability, and accessibility of the application, ensure and optimize the security of the enterprise-level computer networking, stability of cloud computing and so on. Most interestingly, VMware plays its role almost everywhere in this new paradigm of computer and internet technology. More recently, the importance of both the processed and generated data is increasing considerably, which causes the ‘Computer Science and Engineering’ school to open new branches of academic discipline like data science, data engineer, data analyst, cloud engineer, virtualization, and many more.

Such rapid change in computer and computing technology advancement also creates a skill gap in the technology industry. That is where companies like VMware and many other tech giants have already started offering courses, training sessions, and certification programs to prepare a skilled, experienced, and dynamic workforce to work with the new features and aspects of digital technology.

Certifications offered by VMware

VMware is currently offering certification courses for associate, expert, and professional levels on:

  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Security
  • Network Virtualization
  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Digital Workspace, and
  • Application Modernization

A brief about VMware Professional Certification (VCP)

VMware provides professional-level certifications on those six domains to enhance the skills of IT professionals to put their effort as certified VMware Virtualization professionals. VMware Professional certification is not an entry-level certification. Hence, it is recommended that the candidates of this course have already earned VMware associate-level certification and/or similar experience working on a virtualization platform.

VMware Professional Certified (VCP) IT professionals are required to collaborate with Associate level and Expert level professionals, including the IT Managers and other development team members. VMware Certified Professionals could be considered as the mid-level expert to work on a virtualization platform.

Job Responsibilities of a VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

VMware-certified professionals are required to carry on blended job responsibilities. Following are some such generic job responsibilities performed by the VMware Certified Professional:

  • Resolve the issues of the clients which are not solved by the 1st Line IT Support Professional
  • Reproducing in-house issues and responding immediately
  • Follow up and update the recommendation of the clients and develop an effective action plan accordingly
  • Escalate issues promptly by following the Standard Operation Procedure
  • Leverage internal technical expertise that includes a knowledge base, community forums, mentors, and other internal resources to provide the most appropriate solution to resolve any issues of the clients
  • Design and develop effective knowledge base articles to adopt new learning process across the organization
  • Take part in technical communication and discussion session to ensure the best practice of the technical support team
  • Concentrate on a certain area of technical specification and segmentize the workforce available at VMware Certified Professional
  • Always keep updating with the latest trend and change in technical issues related to virtualization
  • Have a mindset to work at a different place with different job roles within the organization

Requirements for VMware Certified Professional (VCP)

  • This is a professional-level certification and the candidates are required to have around seven or more years of experience working on virtualization technology and platform
  • You must be capable of running status calls with the clients to inform them about the update of any issue
  • You must be capable of providing solutions in different Operating Systems Like Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, and so on
  • You must also be able to provide technical support on storage solution and computer network
  • VMware Certified Professional candidates need to be fluent in both written and verbal communications in English
  • As a VCP candidate, you must have an excellent interpersonal communication skill along with customer service skill to earn the highest level of satisfaction of the clients
  • You must also have the urge to learn and implement new technologies to foster the solution
  • It is also recommended for you to have a logical approach to solve the problems of the clients and deal with the troubleshooting issues
  • A VCP candidate must have the mindset to run the extra mile and put more effort into one or more project/s When required. In some exceptional case, the candidates may have to work on a 24X7 basis
  • Sometimes, VCP professionals may need to sacrifice their weekends due to the overload of the work, as well
  • VCP candidates must be able to provide both voice and nonvoice technical support to the clients.
  • VCP candidates are required to manage and monitor the resources required for the development purpose
  • One of the key parts of VCP candidates job roles is to design, develop and deploy shared storage and the storage virtual appliances, as well
  • VCP candidates are also required to manage the user access to the enterprise VMware infrastructure
  • It is also important for them to take the responsibility of the executive setup and configure computer networking and storage device including other v Center Server Components
  • VMware professionals required to play an active role in designing, developing, deploying, and managing virtual desktops, templates, VM Clones, and virtual apps
  • VMware professionals are required to take care of the implementation, testing, and required training for the clients
  • VMware professionals are also required to are also responsible to standardize Virtual Network Standard and Distributed Switches
  • VMware professionals are also responsible for designing and implementing an effective and appropriate data migration plan for the backup and restoration process
  • VMware professionals are also required to implement and Administer vCenter Server Alarms


The VCP is capable of working in different job roles, and their salary range also varies accordingly. Followings are some such job roles of VCP, including their salary range:

  • Solution Architect: Average Salary Range £67,000
  • Senior System Engineer: Average salary range £41,000
  • Information Technology Manager: Average salary range £48,000
  • Technical Architect – Average Salary Range:£54,000
  • System Engineer IT – Average Salary Range: 41,000
  • Information Technology Consultant: Average Salary Range £48,000
  • Senior System Engineer (IT) – Average Salary Range: £50,000
  • Information Technology Architect – Average Salary Range: £47,000
  • Technical Support Engineer – Average Salary Range: £48,00
  • Senior Manager of Infrastructure – Average Salary Range: £43,000
  • System Administrator – Average Salary Range: £25,000
  • Network Engineer – Average Salary Range: £30,000
  • Senior System Administrator – Average Salary Range: £48,000
  • System Engineer, infrastructure – Average Salary Range £51,000
  • Solutions Engineer – Average Salary Range: £54,000