Ten Important Reasons to Get a CompTIA A+ Certification

Ten Important Reasons to Get a CompTIA A+ Certification

The CompTIA A+ certification can help in boosting up your career and pay scale and is a splendid way to grow in the IT sector. Here is why:

CompTIA A+; a road to a successful career 

The CompTIA A+certification attests that the individual is capable of troubleshooting and configuring the software and the hardware. It can prove to be the best certification when it comes to any individual who is in the early stages of career building, especially in the fields of IT. The chances of a successful career increase significantly when the credentials of the CompTIA A+ add up in the resume.

CompTIA A+ makes you diverse

The CompTIA A+ certification does not bound anyone to one particular expertise or skills as it is not vendor-specific. instead, it allows a wide range of experiences, which make the individuals diverse in the technology and other jargon/niches of the tech. A person with the CompTIA A+ certification has more chances to ace successful career paths, e.g., in cybersecurity and computer networking. Also, the certification has a wide range of acceptance among the employers, as it has the ISO/ANSI accreditation status. 

CompTIA A+; an accreditation to work from home

In the age of the internet, you can offer services from the comfort of your home, and CompTIA A+ certification makes it even easier and practical for you. Hardly is there any instance now in which the employees associated with the IT industry have to go to the workspaces physically, and CompTIA A+ has made it even easier for individuals to access the employers. 

CompTIA A+; a source of better income

The IT sector has created a lot of job opportunities, but at the same time, the competition in the job market has increased too. The chances of getting employed for a job depends on many factors, which also include the accreditations like CompTIA A+ certification. It is a certificate that is trusted and recognized by many; henceforth, the chances to get employed are boosted. A focused individual with a strong career and additional certifications has increased chances of success in acing a job with desired pay by manifolds. 

CompTIA A+ offers you a stress-free lifestyle

CompTIA A+ certification allows you to have control over your life. Many in the IT sector do a demanding job, not fulfilling their professional responsibilities, and they themselves abhor it but have to do it out of compulsion. The certificate leaves you with a choice to quit the job and choose a new one, as the employers are ready to hire you because of the reasoning that you have all the qualities they demand. Also, a better work-life balance is maintained in which your mental and physical well-being is ensured too.  

CompTIA A+ is an up-to-date certification

CompTIA A+ certification is continuously in check and is kept up-to-date regularly by IT experts from multiple professions. Any individual with a CompTIA A+ certification means that he/she has all the skillset which the employers are expecting from an employee of the IT staff. So, the accreditation ensures that employers about the expertise of an individual applying with the CompTIA A+certification. 

CompTIA A+ is widely recognized

There are almost a million people in the IT industry who have acquired the CompTIA A+certification. Anyone who acquires this certification joins the family of a million other experts, which increases the avenues of learning for him/her. 

CompTIA A+ is an achievement

The CompTIA A+ certification is not easy to acquire, as a steadfast and consistent behaviour for learning and training is required for it. Multiple factors influence the duration for preparation, such as the familiarity with the computer software or hardware already and the comfort with which one can learn new skills. It may take days or weeks, depending on your prior knowledge and skills, to appear for the test for the CompTIA A+accreditation. The certification not only makes your resume more powerful but also it is an achievement that you can brag about.

CompTIA A+; an indicator of seriousness

Once the CompTIA A+ certification is acquired, CompTIA allows the ease of renewing the certification and offers the training services. Any individual who stays along CompTIA would firstly prove 

himself/herself to be committed to the career, and secondly, it would help him/her to keep the skills up-to-date. 

CompTIA A+; a community

The CompTIA certification is not merely an accreditation; rather, it is a community. The individuals can interact using multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Also, the CompTIA’s IT professional association offers in-person meetings, other than that AITP is present in which one can join at the local or national level to boost the career.  

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