Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT)

Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification carries the skills required for entry-level support positions. Fundamental principles of computer networking are taught in CCENT. The CCENT certified technicians could interpret the necessary areas of networking, like network security and reliability, actions of reducing the severity, IP addresses, and switching and routing of different networks. Entry Networking Technicians can fix, execute, arrange, and analyse all the computer networks of smaller division offices. Going through the first part of the CCENT exam, which is named as Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices is the perceptible and the foremost move in the aim of getting CCNA certificate. The next one in this course is Cisco’s popular Routing and Switching. It can be said that CCNA is composed of CCENT (ICND1) followed by ICND2. Majority of tech workers proceed along with both the courses at a single time for the purpose to get more knowledge acquisition and materials because CCNA is highly worthy and deals with all qualifications. Being a CCENT professional technician gives an extraordinary reliance and belief to a tech worker as well as explores far on Cisco certification techniques to go through like CCNP. In Cisco tutoring programs and activities, there are a lot of characterised degrees that attribute the course studies of Cisco networking and applications.

Basic skills which CCENT Certificate looks for: Some fundamental areas of digital skills and coursework that comes in the domain of Cisco certificate awarding program are as follows.

• Execution of data networks and working of different devices used in networking are discussed herein CCENT

• CCENT carries out networks that are small switched as well as execution of Cisco routers

• It arranges orderly IP addressing plans and IP services for smaller division offices

• CCENT affixes, arranges, and demonstrates the working position of a network components and their computing interfaces

• It looks for the suitable executive undertaken that are needed for WLAN

• CCENT recognizes security warnings and damages for the computer networks and also narrates diminution techniques to tackle such security threats

• WAN links are affixed and demonstrated by CCENT in order to outline the procedures to get connected to a WAN

Exams Conducted for CCENT Certification

For obtaining CCENT certificate and becoming a professional CCENT technician, there is only one exam which is required to be qualified. The name of the said exam is ‘Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1’ (exam: 100-105)

Exam Model for CCENT

CCENT papers have several test models that contain MCQs, highlighting texts in another part of the screen, blanks filling, a group of question about the same topic, taking answers from definitions, and imitations etc. for practice, one can get guidelines from Cisco website. Total assigned time for paper containing 45-55 questions is 90 minutes. It costs up to £124 for the exam. Passing score is 75%, but Cisco does not publish passing scores as the passing score, and paper questions change with time.

Prior Conditions for Cisco CCENT Certification

It neither requires such primary conditions nor any recommended preconditions.

Training and Education for CCENT Certification

It can be juxtaposed with many high-level programs of graduation and undergraduate as well as professional diplomas and online training activities. Other activities and practices that are accomplished at the professional’s speed are also introduced here. Counsellors and mentors regarding admission procedures help guide about course work, session starting date, a career in CCENT, fees of tuition classes, and financial assistance and scholarships that are available for students. For the people, the goal of whom is to become a Certified Entry Networking Technician, many institutions carry out a successive level of studies and awarding degrees authorised programs.

Jobs Available for Cisco CCENT Professional Graduates

After getting a professional qualification of Cisco CCENT, one gets numerous opportunities in the networking job market. Some significant roles which can be offered in IT firms are:

• Network Administrator, the one responsible for maintaining computer networks

• Network Engineer maintains the networks and troubleshoots, issues, and ensures network security

• Cisco Network Engineer builds and maintains day-to-day operations of Cisco computer networks that companies rely on. Also provides technical support

• Cisco Certified Entry Networking works on the interaction of different network topologies to ensure secure IT network

• Network Support Specialist, the one who helps the IT department by continuous testing and evaluating the existing networks and troubleshoots LAN and WAN

• Some more roles like system engineers, IT managers, and IT directors can be offered

Salaries Offered to CCENT Certified Professionals

There’s a vast range of salaries for CCENT qualified persons depending upon their skills and experience. Some of the figures are the following:

• £45,500 is paid to Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician

• £56,500 is paid to Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching

• £58,000 is paid for CCNA Security

• £60,000 is paid for CCNA voice 

• £60,000 and £67,000 are paid for CCNA Wireless CCNP Wireless roles respectively

• Cisco Data Centre Unifies Computing Support Specialist is given £65,000

• Amount of £66,000 is paid to Cisco Certified Design Associate

• CCNP Routing and Switching role is paid with the amount £69,000 a month

• Cisco Voice Professionals and Cisco Security Professionals are paid £72,000 and £75,000 respectively

• £78,000 is paid for CCNP security services

• Cisco Certified Design Professionals gets £80,000 a month

• CCIE Routing and Switching role’s salary is £92,000

• CCIE Security workers are paid £98,000 a month

Other Certificates Associated with CCENT

• CompTIA A+ Certification, a certificate in IT fundamentals

• CompTIA Certification, an information security certificate

• Cisco CCNA Certification, a certificate in routing and switching

• Cisco CCNP Certification, a certificate in networking equipment such as routers and switches

•Microsoft MCSA Certification, skills to design and build advanced solutions in Microsoft

Associated Careers

• Network Administrator, the responsibility for maintaining computer networks and any problems occurring the network

• Help Desk Technician, the agent who involves in direct contact with the customers

• IT Security the Specialist, the one who designs, implement, and controls safety measures for the company’s networking system