Computer Scientist

Computer Scientist

The primary job of a computer scientist is to research and develop new technologies that are related to IT. Computer Scientists are considered as the key player behind the rapid evolution of modern technologies, who are also known as a top-level technologist in the field of IT. Computer Scientists are the key to foster innovation in the field of IT through strong technical foresight, creative thinking and extensive research skill. Computer Scientists are serving the different sectors of the IT industry, including hardware designing, software designing, government and private sector, engineering schools and so on.

The accomplishments of most Computer Scientists are not widely spread out, but their contribution in the field of IT is undeniable. On average, Computer Scientists are earning around £91,550. Universities and Colleges are offering a wide range of programs and courses, which help computer scientists to move along their career path.

Job Description of a Computer Scientist

·         Analyze and fix difficult IT problems in the arena of business, technology, medical and other important industries.

·       Imply and comply well documented principles in order to create new and advanced computer and hardware solutions.

·       Computer Scientists are expected to have adequate knowledge in mathematical skills like calculus, discrete mathematics, probability, statistics, linear algebra and so on.

·       Computer Scientists must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, problem solving attitude and creative thinking ability.

·       Another key requirement of becoming a Computer Scientist is to discuss with the vendors, third-parties and end users in order to resolve the requirement of the system.

·       Computer Scientists may require working closely with Computer Engineers and other scientists in collaboration to deal with complex IT problems.

·       Excellent skill on technical documentation is a must for professional Computer Scientists.

·       Computer Scientists have the opportunities to increase their earnings by getting involved with the teaching profession.

·   All Computer Scientists do not necessarily have to be excellent coders, but they must have adequate knowledge and skill on the most updated and frequently used programming languages like Java, Python, C++ and at the same time they must always look forward to learning any new programming languages, as well.

Average Salary of a Computer Scientist

On an average, a Computer Scientist earns around £79,137, per annum. Computer scientists are serving the IT industry through different job roles and their salary may also vary accordingly. Some such job roles of Computer Scientists and their salary ranges are given below:

  • Systems Analyst: £61,292
  • Software Engineer: £69,826
  • Hardware Engineer: £71,378
  • UI/UX Designer: £72,930
  • Research Statistician: £78,361
  • Computer Scientist: £79,137
  • Machine Learning Scientist: £79,913
  • Principal Research Scientist: £83,016
  • Big Data Scientist: £92,326

In most of the cases, Computer Scientists are working as a full-timer IT professional with fixed salary. Even though some Computer Scientists are also working on contract basis where they are getting paid by an hourly rate, which is around £37 per hour.

Academic Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Information System (CIS), Management in Information System (MIS), System Analyst and/or similar field is a common requirement for a Computer Scientist. There are some exceptions in some entry level Government jobs and Department of Defense, where a Bachelor’s degree is recommended but not essential only if you have required security check and background clearance with minimum academic qualification and/or working experience in this field.

Acceptable skills for a Computer Scientist degree program incorporate computer programming and application development, software engineering, data analysis, hardware engineering, in depth knowledge on advanced mathematics – specially in statistics, linear algebra, calculus, probability, discrete mathematics; information system management, technical documentation and so on.

You may find such degree programs available at almost every college and universities under the school of engineering, science and technology.

Training and Certification

We are providing certification courses on the relevant subject matter, which are aligned with the skill-set, required for a Computer Scientist. Our certified training program is well recognized and widely accepted across the UK. After successful completion of our training program, you will get the help from a HR professional who will help you to get a standard CV for a better job placement. We have affiliation with many IT companies across the UK for our job placement program and a significant number of Computer Scientists are working at different job roles in many IT companies with an outstanding performance. You can pick either instructor-led or online classes for these training courses. Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced and they are in a continuous process of updating the course curriculum, as per the change and evolution in the field of IT. You can access your study materials from anywhere through the internet and get both the academic and administrative assistance from our professionally trained stuff.