Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals

Tech giants have started shifting both the application and system software over the cloud platform and Azure one such cloud computing service provided, managed and maintained by Microsoft. The rapid growth and change in the IT industry across the world have a huge impact on the way companies are working. IT professionals are more prone to do with cloud technology and services, as it comes with huge potential for both the employees’ and the employers, as well.

The first step to be recognised as a Microsoft Certified Azure Professional is to earn the Azure Fundamental Certification. This certification program validates the knowledge of an IT Professional about the basic knowledge about Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. This could be considered as one fundamental level of certification for those who are willing to develop their IT career with Microsoft Azure.

An Overview About Azure Fundamental Certificate

This certificate gives the candidates a very basic idea regarding the concept of cloud, services provided by Azure cloud platform, workload distribution method of Azure platform, safety and security issues of Azure platform and so on. Candidates of this certification program will also learn about the concept of data storage mechanism, basics of computer networking and the design and development process of applications.

Benefits of Azure Fundamental Certificate

First of all this certificate is the first step to start working with Microsoft Azure platform and this also widens up the opportunities for further career development on cloud computing. Though this is a vendor specific certification exam, successful candidates of this certification are capable of working with Azure role based certification, as well.

Details About The Exam
  •  Name of the certification: Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certificate
  •  Exam Code: AZ – 900.
  • Total cost for the certification: £125.
  • You have to answer 40 to 60, including short answers, drag and drop, Multiple Choice, case study and so on.
  • Total Duration of the exam in one hour twenty five minutes.
  • Unfortunately if you fail to pass the exam for the first time, you must wait at least two days before retaking the exam.
  •  Again, if you failed to pass this certification exam for the second time, you must wait for two weeks before retaking the exam.

Microsoft Azure Certification Pathway


Prerequisite for Microsoft Azure Certification

This certification exam is considered as a beginner level Microsoft Azure Certification; hence no specific prerequisite is there for this exam. Microsoft Azure Certification is considered as the best exam for the following individuals:

  • Individuals, who are in the process of buying and selling cloud based services and applications. Both the practical and theoretical knowledge of the topics of this exam will help even a person from a non technical background, as well.
  • Candidates who have no prior recognition in cloud computing and services or applications.
  • Individuals having basic knowledge on IT operations may take this certification to widen up their career path.
  • Successful Microsoft Azure Certified professionals are recognized as having the fundamental concept of Azure platform, and this will open up their path for other advanced levels of Microsoft Azure Certifications.
Outline of Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (Exam code: AZ – 900)

Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental Exam evaluates the knowledge of an individual on different aspects of Microsoft Azure and some basic computing technology. Followings are the average marks distribution based on the topics:

1. Understanding the concept of cloud technology (15% to 20%):

  •  Be able to define the necessity and consideration of integrating cloud technology in the business.
  •  Have clear concept of Saas (Software as a Service), Paas (Platform as a Service) and Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service).
  •  Capable of differentiate between Public, Hybrid and Private cloud model.

2. Have clear concept of core Azure infrastructure (30% to 35%):

  •  Basic understanding about the components of Azure infrastructure.
  • Knowing details about some core Azure products.
  •  Have adequate knowledge about the solutions, provided through Azure platform.
  • Have clear understanding about the Azure Management Tools.

3. Knowing about the privacy, trust, security and compliance issues related with Azure infrastructure (35% to 30%):

  • Have required skill to keep the Azure computer network safe and secure.
  • Define the primary identity services of Azure.
  • Be able to describe the methodology of Azure Governance.
  • Have clear understanding about the reporting and monitoring tools and technology, used in Azure.

4. Knowing details about the support and pricing of Azure Technology (20% to 25%):

  • Have basic understanding about the cost of planning and management.
  • Knowing about the support option, coed with Azure technology.
  • Define the Service Level Agreements available for Azure.
  • Clearly Understand the Azure Lifecycle.

 Preparation For The Exam

The most important part to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental Certified professional is to make a good preparation for the exam. Followings are some learning resources from where you learn and know more about the exam preparation:

  • Microsoft Learning Platform.
  • Microsoft Documentation.
  • Instructor-Led Training.
  • Study forums and blogs.
  • Books and other resources.
  • Appearing for sample tests.
  •  Access more e-books, read and go through white papers and analysis reports.