MOS (Microsoft Office Specialists) Certification

MOS Certification

MOS (Microsoft Office Specialists) Certified Professionals have earned the required skill and knowledge on Microsoft Office suite or products. MOS certifications are the most recognized and well-reputed certifications across the world which recognize the ability of an individual to work with the productivity applications of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office suite comes with a full package of office applications, required for any business, regardless of its type and size. IT Professionals having expertise in Microsoft Office have earned enough skills in order to enhance their workability with Microsoft Office Package.

Levels of MOS Certifications

Level – 01:

MOS Certification comes with three levels of certifications. The first and the most fundamental one is the foundation level, where the candidates have earned basic workability on Microsoft Offices like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SharePoint and so on. Followings are the list of MOS (Level – 01) Certification:

Exam Code


77 – 881

Microsoft Office Word 2010

77 – 882

Microsoft Office Excel 2010

77 – 883

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

77 – 884

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

77 – 885

Microsoft Office Access 2010

77 – 886

Microsoft SharePoint 2010

77 – 853

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

77 – 891

Microsoft Office 365

Level – 02:

The second level of MOS certification covers a bit advanced level of topics compared with level- 01 MOS Certification. Usually, the candidates are covering the advanced level of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, in this stage. Currently, two exams are available at level – 02 of MOS Certification, which are:

Exam Code


77 – 887

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert

77 – 888

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert

Level – 03:

The third and the most recent level of MOS Certification demonstrates the comprehensive expertise of the individual over the Microsoft Office System. At this level, the learners have earned deep knowledge and a complete understanding of the features, packages, and products of Microsoft Office. In order to earn the 2010 MOS Certification, you must pass the four exams, listed below:

Exam Topic

Microsoft Office Word 2010 Expert

Exam Topic

Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Expert

Exam Topic

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Exam Topic

Outlook 2010 or Access 2010 or SharePoint 2010 or OneNote 2010

You may advance your career or you may enhance your productivity and skill in one of the most widely used business components (Microsoft Office Package), in order to lift up your skill ability.

Jobs Available for MOS Certified Professionals

Followings are jobs, usually available for MOS Certified Professionals:

  • Database Specialist
  • Project Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Executive Assistant
  • Workbook Developer
  • IT Support Technician

Average Salary of MOS Certified Professional:

MOS Certified Professionals are usually getting paid as per the following salary structure:


Average Salary

MCSA: office 365


MCSA – Windows 10


MOS Expert


MOS Microsoft Office Specialist


MOS Master


Specialized Training for MOS Certification Program

You will find many professional certificate courses, instructor-led degree programs, and self-paced online courses available for MOS Certification Program.