MCTS Certification

MCTS Certification

MCTS is one of the well-recognized certified exams provided by Microsoft. In 2016, Microsoft changed both the curriculum and the design of this exam and named it MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate).

A Brief Detail About MCTS Exam

MCTS Certified professionals are a bit different from other Microsoft Certified Professionals in a way that they are specialized in one or more specific subject matter like Microsoft Technology, Visual Studio, and Exchange Server and so on. Usually, these specialized certified professionals are experts in installing, managing, configuring, troubleshooting and debugging a certain technology, offered by Microsoft.

MCTS certification had a different track and that was a great option for the IT Professionals to prove their expertise in multiple technologies. Apart from that, based on MCTS, IT Professionals were able to earn higher certifications like MCITP or MCPD. The key difference between MCTS and MCITP or MCPD is, MCTS focuses on only one single technology and allows the participants to dive deep into the subject matter. On the other hand, MCITP pr MCPD recognizes the capacities of an IT Professional are able to carry on different job roles where they are required to work with different job responsibilities like Desktop technicians, Network Administrator, Database Administrator and so on.

MCTS certified professionals are trained to work on only one certain Microsoft technology and they are required to have in-depth knowledge about that technology. MCTS certification offered different tracks though, some of which are discussed below:

MCTS – Exchange Server 2019 Configuration

MCTS Exchange Server professionals are able to work with the detailed features and functionalities of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. IT professionals, having expertise on this subject matter are able to install, update, manage and configure Windows Exchange Server 2010 in an enterprise environment.

MCTS – SharePoint 2010 Application Development

These professionals are experts in developing applications using windows SharePoint 2010. More than thousands of organizations across the world have deployed Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in order to speed up the business process and acquire better business intelligence. Certified MCTS SharePoint 2010 professionals are able to develop intelligent business applications and smart web portals on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

MCTS – SQL Server 2008 Database Development

Certified MCTS SQL Server 2008 professionals are well trained to design databases and develop required applications and/or programs to assist the database. Such certified IT professionals are able to develop applications and programs for SQL Server 2008 within an enterprise infrastructure.

MCTS – Windows 7 Configuration

MCTS – Windows 7 certified professionals are known as the master of the Windows 7 Operating System. They are highly skilled and experienced in installing, updating and configuring almost every tool and means of Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System. They are considered as the ready workforce standby to respond to any trouble faced by the employee of the client of the organization.

MCTS – Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

MCTS Certified Professionals were responsible to work with active directory server roles, creating and managing group policy and being in charge of the Server Administrator.

Training for Microsoft Certified Courses

Microsoft Certified Training courses are now offered by the colleges and universities through instructor-led and also even self paced online courses. There are also many training institutes across the UK, where you may find the appropriate Microsoft Certified Training Courses.