APMP Certification

APMP Certification

“APMP Certification has provided a common lexicon and understanding of the tools and processes involved in business winning across our geographies. Achieving different levels of APMP certification allows our bid teams to collaborate quickly and ‘hit the ground running on large and complex opportunities. It provides our Strategic Pursuit Group and Bid Community with a defined career development path, which increases customer focus and impacts positively on our win and capture rates. APMP Certification has significantly raised professional recognition of our Sales Executives and those involved in business winning.” -PETER THOMAS, Senior Vice President of WORLDWIDE SALES OPERATIONS UNIFY ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATIONS LTD.

APMP Certification Overview

For professionals who work in a bid and proposal environment, APMP offers the world’s first, best and only recognised certification programme. The global standard of APMP certification is for the development and demonstration of competencies in proposal management. Over 500 professionals have successfully obtained their APMP certificates from 31 countries. APMP Foundation certification provides the basis on which more than 20 early skills can be shown and understood.

There are three levels of APMP Certifications. You can achieve APMP Certification based on your industry experience. Every one must begin at the Foundation before progress to the practitioner and the professional.

1. APMP Foundation Certification

APMP Foundation Certification serves as a basis for the demonstration of comprehensive knowledge and understanding of over 20 first-year skills. Proves a wide understanding of best practices and knowledge.

2. APMP Practitioner Certification

Demonstrate an understanding of how best practice can be applied and how others can use it. APMP Practitioner Certification is available. The Practitioner Certification of APMP validates the real-world knowledge of over 30 mid-career skills and the ability to use others.

3. APMP Professional Certification

Demonstrates significant contributions to an organization and/or the profession, as well as proven leadership and communications skills. Demonstrates significant contributions to an organization and/or the profession, as well as proven leadership and communications skills.

Professional certifications by APMP demonstrate superior leadership and communication ability by professional experts, who have demonstrated sustainable customer interaction with, proposal and bidding management experience, and individual or organisational development.


Attainment of APMP certification:

· Demonstrates personal career and work commitments.

· Enhances the capabilities of business development.

· Creates an emphasis on best practices in teams.

· Identifies Recruitment, Promotion and Planning, Proposal Managers.

· The respect and credibility of peers, customers and leaders and, in some cases, additional compensation will be achieved.

· Strengthens the management of tenders/supply projects as an important role in an organisation and not as an ad hoc role for anybody.