How Much Do Animators Make

Animators are artists who are professional in both fine art and relevant Computer Technology. The contributions of Animators are almost everywhere in the IT industry, including websites, video games, user interface, mobile applications, mobile games, movies and so on. Animators are working mostly in the visual field of the IT industry. Usually, Animators are good at art and design and also familiar with the latest animation tools and technologies used for digital animation. Most of the Animators are working as a freelancer, which means they prefer to work as a self-employed professional where they can find and manage time for their work and family according to the way they want. Skilled and professional Animators have high demand in the IT and Digital Entertainment industry.

A Brief about the Salary of the Animators

The average salary of an Animator is around £58,110 according to a survey report of 2019. It means, around fifty (50) percent of the Animators are earning above this amount and the rest of the fifty (50) percent of the Animators are earning below this amount. The least paid Animators are getting paid below £31,073 and the most paid Animators are getting paid around £108,037, per annum. In the motion picture industry, Animators are getting paid around £58,388, per year. On the other hand, Animators, working at IT Companies are earning around £56,975, per annum.

Job Description of an Animator

Animators are required to draw the objects either freehand or by using the digital drawing pad and/or animation software. Creativity is much needed for any individual to become an expert and professional Animator. Making realistic 2D and/or 3D animation is part of the job description of Animators. Professional animators have the required skill, experience and knowledge on creating special effects on a character or object in the animation movie, developing the background of a Mobile Application, working on the characters and the environment of video games and so on. The workflow of the animators includes the storyboard in order to develop a plan for the animation. It is also required for the Animators to be able to work with 3D modelling software and other latest and widely used CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) software, as well. An expert, experienced and professional Animator must have the required Computer Skill, Graphics Design Skill, the ability to meet the deadline and the capacity to deliver quality work.

Academic requirements of an Animator

An undergraduate degree in animation or art focusing on computer software, drawing and/or animation film is recommended for anyone, who would like to be a successful Animator. Universities have started offering specialized Bachelor’s programs designed for those who are willing to become Animator and put their effort into the video games and/or movie industry. A good portfolio is also an essential part to become a good Animator. You may also add some of your best projects as part of your portfolio items, as well. Professional Animators are always in search of new training and certifications in order to keep their skill updated with the latest technological tools and trends. It is recommended for professional Animators to stay tuned with the latest software and/or animation tools for better 3D modelling, Object prototyping, Illustration and similar other jobs.

Animation Industry

Usually, Animators prefer working on their own. Sometimes, it is needed for Animators to work as part of a team for a big project like motion picture animation. In most of the cases, Animators prefer working as a freelancer, which allows them to work from home according to their preferred working schedule. A certain portion of professional Animators is working as full-time office jobs for IT Companies, Movie Industries, Advertising Firms and so on. No matter whether you are working as a freelance Animator or a full-time desk job Animator you must always have the mindset to work extra hours in order to meet the deadline and ensure the satisfaction of the clients by delivering quality work.

Salary range of Animators

In the US:

As an Animator, you will always have the opportunity to learn new technologies, asking for more to be paid as a freelancer, and move along the career path to become a highly-skilled senior Animator or play the role of a producer in order to generate more money. The more experienced you are, the more you can expect to earn as an Animator. The salary structure of entry-level, mid-level and experienced Animators in the US is given below:

  • Entry level Animator : £23,398 to £55,890
  • Mid level Animator : £28,847 to £67,984
  • Advanced level Animator : £31,417 to £82,627

In Europe:

An entry-level Animator in Europe with less than one year of working experience may expect to earn around £20,558, per year. In the early career, with working experience from one to five years, Animators in Europe are earning around £23,796, per annum. Mid-level Animators with working experience of five to ten years are making around £28,491, per year. A highly skilled, experienced and professional Animator is making around £28,000, per annum. At the pick of their career, Animators are getting paid around £30,500, per year.

In Asia:

In Asia, an entry-level Animator having less than one year of working experience can expect to earn an average of £20,382, per year. At the early stage of their career, and Animator with one to five years of working experience can expect to earn around £27,793, per annum. A mid-level Animator having five to ten years of working experience is expected to earn around £43,233, per year.

Job Opportunity of Working as an Animator

The practice of outsourcing affects the job growth in this field like other fields, as well. Even though, Animators have an average of eight percent of job growth, between 2016 to 2026. Animators who are working for Animation Movies, Mobile Applications, Video Games and Television Shows are always in high demand. It is recommended for professional Animators to include the best items in their portfolio particularly the works done by the latest Animation Software like Adobe Creative Cloud and Maya Animation Software.