MCSE Certification

MCSE Certification

MCSE Certified Professionals are cloud-based physical solutions over different and diversified technical environments.

MCSE (Microsoft Solution Certified Experts) Certified professionals earn adequate knowledge and experience design, develop and configure technology-based solutions using the most trending and updated Microsoft products. The key advantage of this certified training program is that the trained professionals are trained to solve any kind of IT-related solutions either on-site or over the cloud.

The most significant value of MCSE certified professionals is that they have technical and conceptual knowledge and a clear understanding of how and where the business and technology merge. This enables the MCSE professionals to deal with the business problem and develop concept-based innovative solutions from scratch, making them a potential asset for the business.

Prerequisites of MCSE Exam:

  • MCSE certification exam’s prerequisite is MCSA Certification, which concentrates mostly on developing solutions using stand-alone Microsoft platforms, such as SQL Server 2012 or Windows 10. For a newcomer, who wants to build his/her career in IT professional, starting with MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), could be a good option.

Most Demanding MCSE Certification:

Followings are some most trendy and Microsoft Certifications, which are in hot demand in the recent job market:

MCSE- Server Infrastructure: These certified professionals can be in charge of a data center, equipped with modern technologies and facilities, like advanced data storage systems, Virtualization of the server, and modern data management facilities. Most MCSE certified professionals choose the most attractive career path like Cyber Security Specialists and technical Support analysts.

MCSE- Desktop Infrastructure: This certification recognizes an individual’s capacity to install and configure desktop computers, including cloud-enabled devices. MCSE- Desktop Infrastructure certified professionals are also experts in complex data security mechanisms, Virtualization of PC Application, and RDS (Remote Desktop Service). The most lucrative career paths for MCSE Desktop Infrastructure are mobile device Support Specialists and Desktop Support technicians.

MCSE – Private Cloud: MCSE Private Cloud

MCSE Private Cloud Certified Professionals are able to set up, configure and monitor state-of-the-art cloud computing technology in Windows Server and System Infrastructure. The most recognized job position for these career seekers is Network Administrator, Server Administrator, Computer Programmer and System Administrator.

MCSE – Business Intelligence:

These certified professionals have the required knowledge and experience of design, develop, and configure business-oriented intelligent solutions by integrating Microsoft SQL Server with the organization’s business process. This will help the business operation to make better business decisions. This certification’s most popular career tracks are Data Scientist, Data Analytics, business intelligence, and Database Administrator.

Renewal of Certifications:

MCSE Certified Professionals are required to renew their certificate after every three years to stay up to date with the updating technology and keep their skill and knowledge updated with the employers.

Average Salaries of MCSE Certified Professional:

According to a survey, the most updated salary structure for MCSA and MCSE certified professionals, which are given below:

Name of the Certification


Average Salary

MCSA: Windows 8



MCSA: Windows 10



MCSA: Office 365



MCSA: Windows Server


£69, 410

MCSA: SQL Server



MCSA: Linux on Azure



MCSD: Web Application



MCSD: Azure Solution Architect


£91, 923

MCSD: Universal Windows Platform



MCSD: SharePoint Application



MCSE: Data Platform



MCSE: Messaging



MSE: SharePoint



MCSE: Enterprise Device and Apps



MCSE: Private Cloud



MCSE: Microsoft Certified System Engineer



MCSE: Business Intelligence



MCSE: Server Infrastructure



MCSE: Communication



MCSA: Microsoft Certified System Administration