Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)

Cisco Certified Design Associate is the practical exhibition and explanation of the professional executives’ ability to design networks. The qualification for the Cisco Certified Design Associate certificate approves that one’s skills and abilities for designing fully secure Cisco networks. A professional of CCDA can plan for the basic and physical structures of both switched and routed networks as well as he can render his services to WAN, LAN and high-speed internet connections. The exam for CCDA certification carries the contents like general campus switching design, security, voice and video, data centre and remote networks. To obtain a CCDA certificate and become a good network designer is perceptible and a foremost move in shaping a graceful career having a great deal of profit.

Some fundamental areas of digital skills and coursework that comes in the domain of the Cisco certificate awarding program are the following:

• In many organizations and corporations, CCDA works for the designing of voice and wireless networks as well as to establish such data centres which are safe and secure against all threats
• All those procedures and techniques are discussed in CCDA that are used for outlining different computer networks
• It tells us the detailed arrangement of the different components, pecking order and the construction bases of the modern-day Information Technology framework
• CCDA executes the organizational data centres by using modern age technological devices, techniques and achievements of high-level IT developments
• It evolves and assigns Internet Protocol addresses for computer networks as well as routing protocols for routers to find appropriate sending path for data when it comes to over-ornate computer networks
• It also plans and executes such productive resources and techniques regarding the diminution of threat factors for network
• Essential business requirements are well indicated by CCDA followed by designing remote access and VPN modules for the Cisco organization that can be helpful in terminating VPN traffic and dial-in connections from external users.

Exam of Cisco CCDA Certification

For obtaining a CCDA certificate and becoming a CCSA professional, there is only one exam which is required to be qualified. The name of the said exam is DESGN: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (exam: 200-310)
Exam Model for CCDA: CCDA papers have several test models that contain MCQs, highlighting texts in another part of the screen, blanks filling, a group of question about the same topic, taking answers from definitions, and imitations etc. for practice, one can get guidelines from Cisco website. Total assigned time for paper containing 55-65 questions is 75 minutes. It costs up to £225 for the exam. Passing score is 75% but passing scores are not published by Cisco as the passing score and paper questions change with time.

Prior Conditions for Cisco CCENT Certification

It does not require such primary conditions for the certification of CCDA but Cisco CCNA or knowledge something similar to that is highly commended for getting success in Cisco CCDA exam.

Training and Education for CCDA Certification

It can be juxtaposed with many high-level programs of graduation and under-graduation as well as professional diplomas and online training activities. Other activities and practices that are accomplished at the professional’s own speed are also introduced here. Counsellors and mentors regarding admission procedures are helpful in guiding about course work, session starting date, a career in CCDA, fees of tuition classes, and financial assistance and scholarships that are available for students. For the people, the goal of whom is to become a Certified Entry Networking Technician, many institutions carry out a successive level of studies and awarding degrees authorized programs.

Jobs Available for Cisco CCDA Certified Professionals

After getting a professional qualification of Cisco CCDA, one gets numerous opportunities in the networking job market. Some major roles which can be offered in IT firms are:
• Cisco Network Engineer builds and maintains day-to-day operations of Cisco computer networks that companies rely on. Also provides technical support
• Cisco Certified Design Associate, the one who design secure data centres as well as wireless and voice networks
• Network Designer, the job which is to document, identify and perform analysis of all networking technologies
• Cisco Network Designer maintains networks designed by Cisco
• Network Architect, to develop and implement computer network systems both for large and small companies
• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technician, Cisco VoIP Technician provides consultation, design, installation, support, configuration, upgrade, maintenance, and repair of all voice networks and its system components