PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 certification is designed to manage projects in a controlled environment by following a process-based methodology. PRINCE2 is considered the best practice for the organization as it is easily configurable. PRINCE2 certification is accredited by PeopleCart on behalf of AXELOS. The key focus of PRINCE2 training is to divide the projects into manageable and controllable segments and this methodology is accepted by many countries and organizations across the world. PRINCE2 certification emphasis on cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, quality control, justification of the business process and so on.

There are several PRINCE2 certifications.

PRINCE 2 Foundation

PRINCE 2 Foundation is a qualification exam, which validates the ability of an individual to analyze and process the seven principles of any project management tasks including the justification of business continuity, learn project management related tasks from working experience, describe and define the roles and responsibilities of the team members, break down the tasks into smaller segments, manage the exceptions while working on a project, stay focused on the final deliverable and work with the customized environment.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner

PRINCE2 foundation training course will cover from the basic to some advanced level of project management methodologies including Business Case Theme, Risk Theme, Quality Theme, Organization Theme, Plans Theme, Change Theme and Progress Theme. The core principles of PRINCE2 Foundation course cover the followings:

· Defining the characteristics of a project
· Describe six aspects of project performance
· Integrating the elements of PRINCE2
· Understanding the principles and concepts of PRINCE2
· Initiating and Directing the process and progress of a project

PRINCE 2 practitioner

PRINCE 2 practitioner certification is designed for IT Professionals who are working at the role of Project Management. This course is also designed for individuals who are looking forward to building their career and knowledge on how to PRINCE2 in their workplace. The key components covered by PRINCE2 Practitioner course is covered the following topics:

· Review of the Characteristics of PRINCE2
· Implement the core principles of PRINCE2
· Justify the continuation of the business
· Define the responsibilities and the roles of the project managers of the team members
· Configure the principles of PRINCE2
· Concentrates on the services and the products of PRINCE2
· Assess the purposes of applying quality theme
· Define the understanding of the core management products
· Implementing the risk and change of applying the PRINCE 2 themes · Initialize the activities of project processes
· Directing the activities of project processes
· Control the stages of project activities
· Manage the project activities
· Closing the activities of a project

This training course covers not only the key topics of PRINCE2 Fundamentals, rather it will ensure;

· Higher pass rate.
· Ger the results as soon as possible
· Flexible training and exam schedule · Save the travel cost

PRINCE2 Agile Certification

PRINCE 2 Agile is one of the most widely accepted and globally recognized certified courses, which validates the capacity of an individual to work with almost any kind of Project Management Solution collaboration with Agile Governance and Environment. The content of this certification courses mostly on Agile Product delivery and Project Management. Usually, PRINCE 2 Agile is developed in response to the demand from the user communities.

In order to earn the PRINCE 2 Agile certificate, the candidates are required to appear for an exam, which consists of fifty multiple-choice questions. It is also required to score at least sixty percent of marks to pass the exam and the duration of the exam is two hours and thirty minutes.