User Interface Developer

User Interface Developer

User Interface (UI) Developer knows to imply an interactive way to communicate with the digital world. User Interface developers work in collaboration with the enhanced skill of computer programming, the psychological pattern of the end-user and the creative and interactive design to control the software through hardware. The key purpose of a User Interface (UI) Developer is to design, develop and deploy an interactive interface as per the requirement of the end-user.

Over the last few decades, a significant number of businesses have launched web-based applications along with different types of computer systems in order to stay ahead of others in the rapidly changing IT industry. Well experienced User Interface Developers prove their talents in multiple domains of computer technology including mobile application development, software development, application development, web-based application development and so on.

Top ranked colleges and universities are providing coursework, focused on User Interface (UI) development, through their degree programs.

Job Responsibilities of a User Interface (UI) Developer

User Interface (UI) Developers are solely responsible for designing an interactive and user-friendly interface for the software and/or the application for the end-user. Even though User Interface (UI) Developers are require to know about and perform some other jobs that are related to the job responsibilities:

  • User Interface (UI) Developers must be proficient in front end tool/language for web development. Some such programming languages are JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.
  • They must also be efficient in at least one or more high level programming languages like PHP, Java, XHTML, .NET, Ruby, PHP, Ajax and so on
  • User Interface (UI) Developers must also be able to work with Adobe Creative Suite Programs like Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and other UI elements.
  • The size and resolution of the screen is a key challenge for User Interface (UI) Developers, and they must have enough experience while designing responsive websites, considering these issues.
  • Debug, investigate and fix the bugs of UI related issues by getting real-world feedback/experience from target users.
  • Implement and integrate the Application Programming Interface (APIs) from online social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on, in order to incorporate social actions.
  • Work in collaboration with both the business and IT experts in order to come up with effective and interactive User Interface.
  • Using visual aids like storyboards, wireframes and UI flowchart will help the User Interface (UI) Developers to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • User Interface (UI) Developers need to be familiar with the most widely used Content Management System (CMS), like Joomla, Magento, WordPress and so on.
  • User Interface (UI) Developers should also have required knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in order to develop search friendly interfaces and websites.
  • User Interface (UI) Developer and/or Managers must also have adequate soft skills like verbal and written communication, with the ability of making better business decisions.

Salary Structure of User Interface Developer

User Interface (UI) Developers are usually getting paid around £70,254, per year. Depending on the job role, Size and purpose of the company and the geographical location, this salary range may vary. The average salary structure of User Interface (UI) Developers is given below:

  • User Interface Designer: £65,621
  • User Experience Designer: £66,394
  • Front-End Web Developer: £69,482
  • User Interface Developer: £70,254
  • iOS User Interface Developer: £71,798
  • Android User Interface Developer: £74,114
  • Lead User Experience Designer: £76,430
  • Principal User Interface Designer: £77,974
  • Senior User Interface Developer: £85,694

 Some User Interface (UI) Developers prefer working on an hourly basis and their hourly rate varies in between £19 to £77. Some other User Interface (UI) developers prefer working on project basis and their monthly salary varies in between £6,640 to £7,488. User Interface (UI) Developers, who prefer working on contractual basis are earning more than a full time employee. It also depends on their experience, skill, portfolio and so on.

Academic Requirement of User Interface (UI) Developer

At least a Bachelor degree is preferred for an IT professional who is willing to develop his/her career as a User Interface (UI) Developer. A major in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer Science, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering, Web Development and Graphic Design are considered as an added advantage for the candidates. Hiring managers are looking for project leading capacity, creativity and excellent portfolio of the candidates along with outstanding feedback from the clients.

There are some other skills that a User Interface (UI) Developer must have, like interactive design ability, usability testing, graphic design, web development, mobile development and team oriented soft skill like strong verbal and written communication skill, interpersonal communication skill and so on. User Interface (UI) Developer must also have adequate knowledge and skill on computer programming language used by UI developers including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, Database Development, SQL, Java etc. A good working skill and understanding of Photoshop, Flex, Illustrator, Flux and Creative Suite is an added advantage of any User Interface (UI) Developers.

Job Outlook of User Interface (UI) Developer

According to a survey, the job opportunity for User Interface (UI) Developers will increase by 21% within the year 2018 to 2028, which is more than four times over the 5% expected growth, compared with all occupations. User Interface (UI) Developers can enjoy the freedom to work as a part timer, though they have the option to work as a full timer, as well.

The demand of User Interface (UI) Developer is not limited to any particular segment or sector. Both the public and the private sector have the demand of User Interface (UI) Developer, as well. Small, medium and even big sized businesses are desperately looking forward to getting a professional and skilled User Interface (UI) Developer, in order to interact with their clients in a more effective and efficient manner. Most of the companies are now doing business online and they know very well about how and why the effort of User Interface (UI) Developer is considered as an integral part of the business. Here is no alternative but to take help from User Interface (UI) Developer in order to shout out in the digital marketplace. On-line shopping experience of the consumers varies a lot, depending on the quality of the work of User Interface (UI) Developer. These professionals must also comply with the leading e-commerce Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, os Commerce etc.

Training and Certification for User Interface (UI) Developer

Widely recognized and globally accepted training programs for User Interface (UI) Developers are not available yet. Still, there are some professional development training centers that are providing effective training on User Interface (UI) Developer. We are also offering training courses on User Interface (UI) Developer for UI designers. You may attend out instructor-led on campus class or you may even join self-paced online classes, as well. We have uploaded all our training resources online; you can have the access to those resources anytime from anywhere, using the Internet. We have professionally trained and skilled instructors to show you the path to becoming a certified User Interface (UI) Developer. Upon successful completion of the training from here, you will get a certification of completion from here. After that, we will start working on developing a standard CV for you in order to confirm a better job placement. Job placement option is part of our training program.