MCITP Certification

MCITP Certification

MCITP was a very demanding IT certification till 2016. In 2016, Microsoft declared MCITP as an obsolete IT certification and replaced it with MCSE. The followings are some details you may know about MCITP certification.

An Overview of MCITP Certification

MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) certified holders have earned potential knowledge and possess to execute their duties as an IT Professional like Server Administrator and/or Database Developer with deep knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Technology.

The common responsibilities of MCITP professionals were to deploy and configure the most widely used Microsoft Products. Besides this, MCITP professionals are able to make technology-based business decisions in order to secure the successful deployment of the products, as well. Such an advanced level of experience and workability confirms Microsoft Certified IT Professionals to assist the organization increases their Request of Interest (ROI). MCITP Certified professionals are often considered as the most highly paid employees in the organization along with other facilities and benefits.

MCITP course structure is designed on the performance based on MCTS certified professionals, hence it was recommended to earn one or more MCTS certifications to get well prepared for MCITP Certified exams. Specially designed MCTS certification ensures your skill in a certain Microsoft Technology, on the other hand, the Professional level MCITP Certification validates your expertise on the entire job role, over both Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms.

The Most Demanding MCITP Certification

MCITP Database Administrator 2008

This certification enables you to execute almost every kind of database-related task, while working as a Database Administrator, most particularly Microsoft SQL Server DBMS. MCITP database professionals are able to design database solutions, maintain and configure SQL Server Database and provide all required support and services needed for SQL Server Database.

Candidates for MCITP Certified Professional Exams are required to have at least three years of experience in working with enterprise-level database administration.

MCITP Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7

MCITP certified professionals are trained to work even as a Desktop Support Technician, also known as Help Desk technician with the capacity of identifying and solving Network-related security issue, install, manage and configure Windows 7, provide required support for any desktop, laptop, mobile, and/or wireless devices across the organization. MCITP Exam candidates must have enough experience to provide complete support of Windows 7 end-users and strong knowledge of Active Directory, as well.

MCITP Server Administration

These professionals are trained to take over the full control of Windows Server 2008, with a purpose to increase the return of investment for the IT operation of the business. They must have extraordinary skills in Windows 2008 server management and the required skills to manage and configure the server, as well. MCITP Server Administrator Professionals are experienced enough to manage the regular operation of an enterprise-level server on a daily basis. They are also recognized for their problem-solving attitude and the ability to lead the team members, as well.

Courses and Training for Microsoft Certified Professionals

Colleges and Universities are offering specialized degree and certification programs on Microsoft Certified Exam Courses. Training centers across the UK are also available to provide intensive, instructor-led, and even self-paced courses for such certification programs.