Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware Engineers are the key person to design and build Computer Systems. The demand for Computer Hardware Engineers is increasing due to the rapid innovation and expansion of IT, across the world. Newer software is getting released in a frequent manner and this also increases the demand for necessary hardware in order to keep that software up and running on the computer system. The emerging trend of hardware technology like 3D Printing and Sensors are also in high demand and that also creates more space for Computer Hardware Engineers.

Computer Hardware Engineers are required to have a blended skill and working experience on electronics, hardware technology and hardware engineering in order to design and build computer systems to assist the new technology. Computer Hardware Engineers are also responsible for developing separate components for the computer system like circuit boards, microchips, keyboards, processor, printer, router and so on.

Job Responsibilities of a Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers are responsible for different types of jobs, which are mentioned here:

  • Design, develop and test hardware components of the computer system.
  • Design the layout for a new computer system to install and use application programs like AutoCAD and other graphic design tools.
  • Optimize the electronic circuits and assemble required hardware components to the computing system.
  • Suggest computer systems and peripherals to aid the und-users of the system.
  •   Upgrade the existing system in order to ensure the compatibility with the latest release of Graphic Design software.
  • Effectively deploy soft skills like verbal and written communication skills and strong leadership approach.
  • Help the sales and marketing professionals so that they can explain about the new hardware components in detail to the customers.
  • Have adequate knowledge, skill and experience of working on at least one programming language for the software and/or application development purpose.

Salary Structure of a Computer Hardware Engineer

On an average, Computer Hardware Engineers are earning around £76,810, per year. Computer Hardware Engineers are serving the IT industry at different job roles and their salary also varies, as well. Salary structure of Computer hardware Engineers, working at different job roles are given below:

  • Computer Hardware Tester: £48,878
  • Electrical Engineer: £65,172
  • Computer Software Engineer: £69,827
  • Mobility Hardware Engineer: £72,930
  • Computer Hardware Engineer: $£76,810
  • Systems Application Engineer: £79,137
  • Computer Architect: £82,240
  • Microchip Architect: £88,447
  • Semiconductor Architect: £90,775

Academic Requirements of a Computer Hardware Engineer

At least a bachelor degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical Engineering or relevant field of study is a must for any It professional who is looking forward to developing his/her career as a Computer Hardware Engineer. An IT individual having software oriented majors like software engineering and with adequate hardware focused elective are the key academic requirements that the hiring staff is looking forward to hiring a Computer Hardware Engineer. It is a must for many companies to have a graduate degree for this particular position, particularly when the demand is highly specialized. For basic to medium level of job roles, an undergraduate degree is sufficed for you to stem inside as a Computer Hardware Engineer. You will automatically know about your future learning path while working as a Computer Hardware Engineer at an entry level position.

Promotional skill and technical knowhow that the hiring managers are looking inside a Computer hardware Engineer to have engineering and/or science background degree program including digital circuit design, advanced logic and arithmetic, electronics engineering, 2D/3D Drafting, Quality Control (QC), Application development, Software system engineering and so on.

Expected soft skill for Computer Hardware Engineers includes excellent verbal and written communication, critical thinking ability, creative problem solving attitude and so on. Computer hardware Engineers will also benefit from soft skills like professional development, team leadership and so on.

Training and Certification on Computer Hardware Engineer

We are offering training courses for Computer Hardware Engineers. You can count on our skilled, experienced and professional instructor, who will help get more details about the subject matter of Computer Hardware Engineer. We are offering both the instructor-led no campus training and self-paced online training as well. You can always have the access to our training materials available online through the Internet. Upon successful completion of the degree and the certificate from here, we will then help you get a standard CV to ensure a dream position in Computer Hardware Engineering. Job placement is part of our training program, and we are working in partnership for many IT companies and other businesses across the UK.