Power BI Certifications

Power BI Certifications

A large chunk of data is now produced from different and diversified sources. These data are now being considered as the key potential for the success of any business. That is why Business Intelligence (BI) has already started to play the key roles to optimize the entire business process. With an effective and appropriate BI strategy along with a skilled and experienced BI team, organizations are able to execute required data analysis processes that will help them to come up with data-driven business decisions.

BI comes with different roles where you have the option to choose your preferred one to serve the organization. The followings are a brief discussion about some such BI job roles:

BI Analyst

BI Analysts are primarily responsible for designing the data modelling, analyzing the application, developing a centralized data warehouse and extracting data from database and other sources, as well. The average annual salary of a BI Analyst is around £57,801.

BI Developer

BI Developers usually develop applications, design, develop and deploy databases and fine-tune the IT infrastructure of the business. On average, BI Developers are earning around £67,168 per annum.

BI Architect

BI Architects deals with the data analysis part and implementation of the BI with the business process. They are also responsible for developing and maintaining the data warehouses, as well. The annual earnings of BI architects are around £93,568.

BI Director

BI Directors are required to perform the development process and also play the role of a lead design that is integrated with an enterprise data warehouse. BI Directors are earning around £180,060 per year.

Power BI Certifications:

Certification is not a hard requirement for the IT professionals who would like to work on Power BI. Enhance, a certified power BI professional will get more advantage at the workplace and also while he or she is pursuing a career in Power BI. This certification validates your ability to deal with different modules and services of Power BI. You will find both the vendor-specific and vendor-neutral certification certifications on Power BI. A brief discussion on some such certification programs on power BI is mentioned below:

Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)

This Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP), offered by TDWI (Transforming Data With intelligence) is not an entry-level course and is primarily designed for senior-level IT professionals who are putting their effort into Business Analytics and Data Management. This certification will validate your ability to stay updated with the recent technologies of Power BI. Here, you will explore the emerging trends, solution patterns, and the nest practices of Power BI. To get enrolled in this course, you are recommended to have at least two or more years of experience in:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Definitions
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Data Planning
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Information Technology Management
  • Developing Applications Using High-Level Programming Language
  • System Analysis, and
  • Development of MetaData System

Once you have earned the certificate, it will remain valid for four years and you have to renew the certificate after every three years. The requirement for recertification is proof of continuing education for 120 credit hours.

CBIP has two different levels of certifications and those are:

  • Practitioner: This certification is awarded to the candidates who have successfully scored at least 50 percent or more on all three exams.
  • Master: This certification is awarded to the candidates who could score 70 percent or more on all three exams.

IBM Certified Designer: IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11

IBM is also offering a certification course on Power BI, named ‘IBM Certified Designer: IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11’. This certification will validate your ability to:

  • Create Active Reports
  • Create Advanced Reports
  • Designing the Dashboard using Relational Data
  • Optimizing and Enhancing professional Reports

In this course, you will learn about the basic knowledge and concept of SQL and Database, data visualization process, and developing applications using high-level programming languages like JavaScript

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate is another Power BI course, offered by Microsoft. This certification validates your ability to:

  • Create and develop a scalable Data Model
  • Develop business value through Data Visualization
  • Clean and Transform Data

This certification course is primarily designed for Data Management professionals and Business intelligence professionals. They are using the tools and services of Power BI to generate reports and interactive dashboards for the data visualization process. These professionals can carry on with their tasks either on-premise or in the cloud, as well.

This Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate is not an entry-level course, therefore you have to meet the minimum requirement to get enrolled in this course. You must pass another certificate course named ‘Analyzing Data With Microsoft Power BI’ for this certification course. Upon successful completion of the course, you have to appear for an exam and that exam evaluates your ability to Prepare and manage data, analyze data, visualize data and ensure the quality of the final deliverables.

QuickView Business Analyst

This certification course on project management is offered by Pearson VUE through Pearson VUE Test Center. You may also appear for the exam from anywhere using Internet proctoring. This course demonstrates your skills and knowledge of interface design including the layout of the user interface of QuickView. You are expected to have a fundamental knowledge of Business Intelligence (BI), data analysis, reporting, and the experience of working with QuickView to design and develop applications.

SAP Certified Application Associate: SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2

SAP offers this certification course on Business Intelligence that manifests your capacity to design, develop, configure and implement SAP’s BI platform. Here, you will learn how to configure, manage and integrate services in an SAP BI platform deployment. You will also be able to design and deploy such services on SAP BI platform services. Officially, no prerequisite is mentioned for you to get enrolled in this course. Hence, SAP expected you have hands-on experience including a good academic background to get prepared for this course.

SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analytics 7.5 / 8.3:

This SAS Certified Specialist: Visual Business Analytics 7.5 / 8.3 course is designed for Data Analysts who are generating Visual Analytics by analyzing the data and the design reports. This certification will measure your ability to use SAP Visual Analytics, Data Manipulation Tools, and Sharing Reports. To pass the exam, you may have to answer 55 to 60 multiple choice questions answers from interactive questions.

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional

Tableau Desktop Certified Professional course is designed for IT professionals who already have prior experience of working with Tableau Server for at least 12 months or more, which is also recommended to pass this exam. In this course, you will learn about the advanced features and functionalities of Tableau applications for the best practice of data visualization. You are required to pass the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam to get enrolled in this course. This certification will remain valid for three years.

Tableau Server Certified Professional

The target audience of the Tableau Desktop Certified Professional course is designed for IT professionals who would like to implement their knowledge and skills to integrate with the BI platform. There is a requirement for you to get enrolled in this course, that is you must hold the Tableau Server Qualified Associate Certification. Once you pass the exam, this certificate will remain valid for three years.

Power BI Professionals are serving the IT industry with their knowledge and skill in different and diversified job roles. Some such highly demanded jobs for Power BI professionals are mentioned below:

  1. Power BI Report Developer
  2. Data Engineer / Power BI Developer
  3. Senior Power BI Specialist
  4. Microsoft Power BI System Administrator
  5. Transformation Analyst – Power BI
  6. Principle Consultant – Power BI (Remote)
  7. Cognos / Power BI Developer
  8. Senior Application Specialist – Microsoft Power BI
  9. Power BI Analyst – Sales and Distribution
  10. Tableau / Power BI Developer