Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103 recognizes the expertise of an IT professional as an Azure Administrator. This certification exam tests the capacity of an individual to configure the Computer Network, ensure the security of the system, manage the storage capacity and work with the cloud services. Microsoft has made this certification exam available since 1st May, 2019. Microsoft had replaced both AZ – 100 and AZ – 102 certification exams and merged it as Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103.

A Brief About The Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103 Certification Exam:

IT professionals who are willing to enhance their expertise on Microsoft Azure Administrator may find this certification exam as one of the best options for their professional recognitions. Candidates for this exam are expected to have the capacity to work with Computer Networking, Data Security, Storage Management and the ability to work with the Microsoft Azure platform. They are also recommended to have a clear understanding about the complete lifecycle of applications, projects, infrastructure, environments and services. They must also be capable of providing recommendations in order to ensure the scalable performance including monitoring, provisioning and adjustment of Azure resources.

Skills Measured in Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103:

  •  Managing the resources and subscription of Azure Infrastructure:

(Weight distribution: 15% to 20%)

Assign and configure access privilege, configure the policies and subscription level of Azure platform, and so on.

 Develop and deploy performance analysis settings, create rest alerts and baseline for resources, metrics analysis over the subscription, create working groups, monitor procurement processes, unallocated resources and utilize query functions.

Implement and configure Azure policies for resource groups, deploy and re-allocate resource groups, where needed.

Configure and create customized user roles for the Azure platform, Assigning roles for managing configuration, Configure and control the access to Azure resources, taking care of troubleshooting and implementing the roles on the Azure platform.

  • Manage and Configure the Storage System

(Weight distribution: 5% to 10%)

Develop, deploy and configure the Computer Network access to the data storage, install, update and manage Azure Storage Explorer and replication process, monitoring log activities, and so on.

Create export and import from Azure job, develop and configure the Content Delivery Network of Azure, manage Azure data box, etc.

Create and configure file sharing process on Azure Platform, Synchronize and troubleshoot Azure file system.

Execute the required backup operation, create, manage and configure backup report and policy, configure the restoration process accordingly.

  • Manage and Deploy Virtual Machines on Azure platform

(Weight distributed: 20% to 25%)

Configure and ensure high availability of virtual machines, Computer Network, data storage and so on.

Be able to work on, modify and configure Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template. Configure and deploy processes from VHD template, deploy on both Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Ensure the automated configuration, managed by the PowerShell to manage the desired state Configuration, use and manage customized script extension, redeploy the virtual machines from one resource group to another.

Design, develop and deploy backup policies, perform both the virtual machine and Azure data recovery management.

  • Manage and maintain Virtual Networks

(Weight distributed: 20% to 25%)

Establish VNET to VNET peering, verify and configure the connectivity between virtual networks, configure and manage the gateway for the virtual network.

Implement the policies for both public and private IP addresses; configure subnet, routes and interface of the network.

Create and configure Azure and public DNS zone.

Configure security protocols, network interface and monitor the security rules of Azure platform.

Create rules for load balancing, configure the rules for balancing loads, create and configure both the internal and public load balancer, troubleshoot any issue regarding the management of load balancing.

Taking care of data connectivity, monitoring the resources of the network, configure and troubleshoot both external and internal load balancing,

Develop and deploy Azure VPN gateway, manage and troubleshoot site to site VPN, configure the routing protocol, verify and troubleshoot on premise connectivity and so on.

  • Identity Management

(Weight distribution 15% to 20%)

Add and configure the domain, managing password and working on multiple directories.

Create and Manage user and group properties, configure device setting, execute batch updates, control guest and/or user accounts.

Install, configure and update Azure Active Directory, synchronize and manage passwords.

Create and configure user accounts through Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), identify fraud alerts, create and edit bypass options, develop, deploy and configure verification methods.

Prerequisite For The Exam

Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103 Certification Exam has no particular prerequisite to appear. The new candidates without any significant working experience may consider AZ – 900 Azure Fundamentals could be a good option for them to start with, in order to get prepared well for Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103 Certification Exam.

Details Of Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-103 Certification Exam

  •  Name of the exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator.
  • Code of the Exam: AZ – 103.
  • You have to answer 40 to 60 questions in the exam.
  • Total marks of the exam: 1000.
  • You have to score at least 700 (70%), to pass the exam.
  • Validity of this certification exam is: 2 years.
  • Exam cost: £442.
  • Duration of the exam is: 3 hours.
  • Important links for the exam: Click here.

 Job Role Of AZ – 103

  •   Azure System Administrator.
  • Azure System Developer.
  • ASP.Net Programmer.
  • Virtual Machine Administrator.
  • Virtual Network Administrator.
  • Business Analyst.
  • System Analyst.
  • Linux and/or UNIX administrator.
  • Active directory professional.

Average salary of AZ-103 Certified Professional in UK

The average salary of Average salary of AZ-103 Certified Professional in UK is: £76,154