Security Specialist (Computing / Networking / Information Technology)

Security Specialist (Computing Networking Information Technology)

The advancement of IT not only reveals its unlimited potential for the entire world, from the personal life of an individual to the multinational businesses but also brought threats in the form of cybersecurity. The rapid growth and expansion of the IT industry across the world also increase the risk of data theft due to cyber-attacks which may disrupt an individual, businesses and sometimes the government of the country and/or state, as well. As a result, the demand for Cyber Security Specialists, Security Specialist (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) is getting higher as the risk and vulnerability of cyber threats are increasing. IT Security Specialists are responsible for knowing about the types of threats and the means to prevent the computer and network system from those threats. At a glance, IT Security Specialists are required to deploy and configure required hardware and software to stop cyber attack and provide needed training to the employees of the business to maintain necessary security precautions.

The demand for an IT Security Specialist is increasing day by day, regardless of the type of business. Organisations, corporations, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and even government and non-government agencies are now considering the necessity of IT Security Specialists to keep their data safe and secure. Job opportunities for IT Security Specialists are growing across the world, and this position is now considered as the rapidly growing career path around the globe.

Renowned public and private universities and colleges are offering degree programs and training courses on IT Security.

Duties and Responsibilities of the IT Security Specialist

 IT Security Specialists are in charge of looking after regular ‘IT Security’ issues. Some key responsibilities of IT Security Specialists are:

  • Configure the access permission (read/write) of files, stored in a computer.
  • Select, install and configure the most appropriate antivirus, firewall, and anti-malware software to keep the computer system of the business protected.
  • Implement encryption processes while transmitting data and configure the firewall in a way to keep the potential data of the business from being stolen.
  • Keep every computer and/or computing device protected by implementing firm password policy.
  • Be able to bring any change in the security files to cope up with new software and change the access status of the user.
  • Assess the risk of the existing data protection system through a test run and measure the security issue of the computer system/network.
  • Let the employees of the business know about basic protocols of computer and data security and encourage developing awareness among them.
  • In a shared computer network, take a necessary backup of important data/files regularly.
  • Take immediate measures to keep the computer/network system safe, and initiate a data recovery process in the case of data theft due to any kind of cyber attack.
  • Develop a sense of computer crime to determine the necessary steps to be taken after any kind of cyber attack took place.
Academic Qualifications Required for a IT Security Specialist Job

An undergraduate degree is the least requirement for an IT Security Specialist position. It is preferred that the candidate for this position will come up with their undergraduate degree associated with Computer/Network Security, Computer Science/Engineering and/or relevant field of study. Job experience in any IT related position along with a certified training program on Computer/Network security will be an added advantage for IT Security Specialists candidates.

 Job expected candidates for the post of ‘IT Security Specialist’ must possess skills for administrating computer networks and systems, detecting of any kind of cyber attacks, install, configure and update security-related hardware and software,& etc. Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skill is another quality that every IT Security Specialist must have to grow awareness among the employees of the business.

Training, Degrees and Certificate Courses for IT Security Specialists

Ample opportunities are there for the candidates who are looking for the position of IT Security Specialists. Top-ranked colleges and universities are offering courses on certified and globally recognised self-paced courses relevant with IT Security Specialists, and you may get more information regarding the cost, schedule and curriculum of these courses from the course advisor of the institute.

Certification Courses Useful to IT Security Specialist Career Path
  •  CompTIA Security+
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA – Security)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Check Point Certified Security Administrator
  • Certified Information System Auditor
The Job Outlook of IT Security Specialist Professionals

Job opportunity in the field of IT Security is increasing rapidly, compared with the job opportunity of other industries. To ensure the security of Computer System/Network is now becoming a critical issue for almost every business to protect their data from being stolen.

Even Governments across the world are concerned about the IT security issue. Beside of this, almost every non-government organisations and corporations are also looking forward to keeping their data safe and secure through IT Security Specialists.

Globally recognised IT vendors and companies are well aware of the importance of hiring IT Security Specialists to ensure safer data transmission process. The security of Computer Network, as well as the security of Computer System and overall IT infrastructure of the business,, is now becoming a vital issue due to the expansion of the IT industry and the increasing rate of cyber attacks, at the same time.

Jobs Similar to IT Security Specialists
  • IT Security Consultant
  • Security Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Network Security Specialist
  • IT Auditor
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Computer Forensic Analyst
The Average Salary of IT Security Specialists

 Followings are a list of an average salary of ‘IT Security Specialist’ and/or similar positions in the current IT job market:

Security Consultant (Computing / Networking / IT)£43,253
Information Technology Specialist£36,753
Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist£25,042
Director, Computing/Networking/ IT Security£58,958
Information Technology (IT) Manager£40,088
Forensic Computer Analyst£30,958
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)£58,958
Cyber Security Analyst£31,200
Information Technology (IT) Auditor£38,365
SAP Security Administrator£34,413
IT Security Architect£59,022
Solutions Architect£59,086