MTA Certification

MTA Certification

MTA (Microsoft technical Associate) certification is an option for Microsoft Certified Entry Level IT professionals, who are mainly responsible for mission-critical IT job roles. These certified professionals have knowledge on topics covered by the curriculum of high-school and college-level academics on IT-related subjects. Most of the MTA candidates have no prior knowledge of IT or any core knowledge of Microsoft Technologies and/or Information technology-related jobs.

MTA offers different certificates for interested individuals, who are willing to start their career as IT Professional. MTA Certified courses are mainly focused on the basics of mission-critical IT knowledge like software development, cybersecurity, fundamentals of computer networking, data management and so on.

Most Demanding MTA Courses

MTA – Database:

MTA Database Certified Course is designed for those newcomers who are willing to pursue their IT career in a Database related field, for example, Database Administrator and so on. Through MTA Certification training, individuals will learn essential features of Microsoft SQL server management and configuration.

Prerequisite of MTA Database Exam:

  • Candidates for MTA Database Fundamental Certification Course must pass the ‘Database Fundamental’ course, having the Exam code: 98 – 364.

MTA – Developer:

IT Professionals seeking to build their career as a Software Engineer, Application Developer, Website Designer and Developer, and Computer Programmer may consider MTA Developer Certified Course as the best option to kick start their career. For this certification, candidates have the options to choose their preferred course, as per their interest, experience and skill.

Prerequisite for MTA Developer Course:

MTA Developer Certified candidates must pass at least one of the following exams to be eligible to sit for the exam.

Exam code


98 – 361

Software Development Fundamentals

98 – 375

HTML5 App Development Fundamentals

98 – 380

Intro to Programming with Block-Based Languages

MTA – IT Infrastructure

MTA IT Infrastructure Certified Course is a perfect option for those who are interested in Microsoft featured technologies like cloud computing, Computer networking, managing IT infrastructure, Windows Server configuration, Microsoft Office 365 and so on.

Prerequisite for MTA IT Infrastructure Certified Course:

MTA IT Infrastructure Certified Course Offered different options for the candidates to choose from. In order to sit for the MTA IT Infrastructure Certified exam, the individual must pass any one of the following exams as part of the pre-requisite.

Exam Code


98 – 365

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

98 – 366

Networking Fundamentals

98 – 367

Security Fundamentals

98 – 368

Mobility and Device Fundamentals

98 – 369

Cloud Fundamentals

Typical job roles of Microsoft Technology Associate are:

  • Network Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Database Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Website Developer

Training Courses on MTA Certified Exam:

Colleges and universities are offering both instructor-led and self-paced online training courses for MTA Certified Exam. You will find many training centers across the UK, who are offering Microsoft Certified Exam Training courses.