GCP Certifications

GCP Certifications

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certification affirm your knowledge and demonstrate your ability to use Google Cloud technology to transform companies. Google Cloud certification is the most common certification that any professional seeks to advance their career by obtaining a better job role and promotion. It has aided today’s youth in securing their dream jobs in well-established companies with opportunities for advancement. Job applicants who know GCP qualification have more benefits and interests than those who do not. As a result, GCP is the perfect credential for any techie student or professional to pursue.


As the name implies, Google Cloud Platform is a Google product that has aided in the world’s change and growth. The arrival of Google 20 years ago signalled the start of a new era of revolution, breaking down barriers to information and knowledge sharing. Google aided in the crossing of political, cultural, and social barriers to bring the truth to the public’s attention. Google is also assisting with the creation and learning of a knowledge system. This has not only improved the speed at which knowledge is shared, but has also reduced the expense of learning new technology. Google had leapfrogged Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure in terms of market share. Because of its ease, availability, comfortability, and added features that support the data recording, processing, upgrading, and review process, the GCP by Google is now used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has developed from obscurity to a serious rival to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. For the third time in a row, Gartner put Google in the Leaders quadrant in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services in 2020. Gartner recommended the framework in the study because of its analytics, machine learning, and cloud-native applications. GCP has been steadily expanding, attracting high-profile clients such as Snap, Spotify, Best Buy, and Coca-Cola.

GCP Certification Path

Google Cloud Platform certification is required by technology companies to ensure that candidates applying for jobs have all of the necessary skills and abilities in the sector. The following is a step-by-step guide to obtaining GCP certification.

  • Getting a basic understanding of cloud computing and the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Develop expertise in Google Cloud Platform architecture.
  • Learning how to use Google Cloud Platform to design and process data.
  • Taking the Cloud Architect Exam and earning a certification.

Teams and IT practitioners will now verify their GCP skills by taking one of Google’s certification exams.

The various forms of GCP certification are based on the level of knowledge acquired during the certification process. There are some of them:

Level 1

Associate Google Cloud Certified

The Associate Google Cloud Certification is an Engineer level certification that students and professionals with little to no knowledge of the subject can take. This qualification will enable them to gain a better understanding and skill set for the Google Cloud Computing process. This is a foundational degree, and after you’ve earned it, you can move on to other technical courses.

Level 2

The Professional Cloud Certification is a second-level certification that aids in the development and testing of participants’ professional architectural design knowledge and expertise. There are six specialist GCP certifications available, mentioned below:

Professional Cloud Architect:

This course will help you learn about complicated cloud solutions and Google Cloud Platform services, and you will be among the highest-paid GCP professionals.

Professional Data Engineer:

This course aids in the development of computer engineering skills, such as data collection, data processing, and machine learning on GCP.

Professional Cloud Developer:

This course aids in the delivery of full-stack information and skills in the GCP model’s scalable implementation.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer:

The architecture in the GCP model can be designed, implemented, and managed with the aid of this course.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer:

This course is designed for potential security engineers who will use GCP security software to protect the company’s cloud infrastructure.

Professional Collaboration Engineer:

This course is designed for candidates who want to advance to the level of G Suite Specialist in the future. Candidates must have at least one year of G Suite Administration experience and at least three years of business experience.

Level 3

G Suite Google Cloud Certified:

G Suite is a software suite developed by Google. Google Certification aims to assess candidates’ ability to use Google’s core tools and services in the cloud computing process. The ability to communicate with colleagues using Google’s cloud-based tools, such as emails, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other online resources for efficient communication, is a mandatory requirement for this credential.

Level 4

Additional Certification, Google Cloud Certified. (Apigee, Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist)

The additional credential Google Cloud certificates are designed to help professionals better apply their experience and skills in problem-solving and cloud infrastructure service management.


If you become Google Cloud certified, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following advantages:

  • For each professional-level certification received, you’ll receive Google Cloud certification merchandise.
  • By joining the Google Cloud Certified group, you will expand your professional network and interact with other certified leaders.
  • You’ll get a digital badge and a certificate to display on social media to show off your accomplishments.
  • Become a member of a publicly available Credential Holder Directory for the accredited group and gain access to job opportunities.
  • You’ll get a 50% discount on recertification & get exclusive opportunities to join Google Cloud-hosted virtual and in-person industry events.


Finally, the GCP certification verifies that the applicant possesses the required technical skills, experience, and technological expertise in the field of cloud computing. It will assist in obtaining higher work positions and greater remuneration in reputable companies. While the process of learning and obtaining GCP certification involves complete dedication on the part of the attendees, after successful completion and course completion, it becomes easier to find a well-deserving position when the job markets are in a state of turmoil.