IT Project Manager

IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers are assigned to deal with a bit more complicated and highly technical IT Projects like designing a new IT infrastructure to upgrade the IT system of the business, develop essential tools and software for this upgrading purpose and ensure and monitor proper deployment process. As an IT Project Manager, he/she must consider the budget, allocated for this upgrading purpose, as well.

 The demand for IT Project Managers is still high in the IT sector due to the rapid growth and expansion of the IT industry across the world. Potential candidates with a strong academic background can find more opportunities to join as an IT Project Manager and expand their career, as well. In many cases, IT Project Managers are being considered as a suitable candidate for the post of CTO and/or CIO, after earning enough work experience.

 Universities and colleges across the world offer both undergraduate and graduate programs on both IT Project Management and business studies, as well. There are many authorised and recognised training centres who are offering certification programs on the tools and techniques of project management related to IT. Many such specialised programs are globally recognised and help the IT professional to boost up their career through these programs.

 Skills and Responsibilities Required for an IT Project Manager

 IT Project Managers are responsible for taking care of day to day activities carried out by the IT department of the business. Some such specific duties and responsibilities are listed below:

  • IT Project Managers are primarily responsible for designing and deploying the resources to accomplish one or more projects, to foster the business process of the organisation.
  • They must work on the given schedule and consider the allocated budget while working on any particular project.
  • For any large IT projects, it is the responsibility of the IT Project Manager to break down the entire project to medium and small scalable segments with a purpose to meet the deadline and make the project more workable to the team members.
  • The IT Project Managers determine the goal of the project, tools and technologies used in the project and the resources required for the projects.
  • Some financial factors like cost-benefit analysis and the return of investment are also being considered as the responsibilities of IT Project Manager.
  • It is the IT Project Managers who are responsible for hiring staff for an IT project and assign particular duties on specific individuals, as well.
  • The planning of the budget for an IT project and managing the fund allocated for the project is another key responsibility of IT Project Manager.
  • IT Project Managers must have the concept of project management process required skill in managing IT related projects.
  • Another job of an IT Project Manager is to track the performance of the IT staff, working on the IT project and evaluate their performance to monitor the progress of the project.
  • IT Project Managers should work in collaboration with the key individuals of the project and always stay updated about the status of the project.
  • An efficient IT Project Manager must maintain a strong business relationship with the vendors and third parties who played a vital role in the success of the project.
Academic Requirements of an IT Project Manager

 An undergraduate degree in IT-related fields like Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management of Information System is the basic requirement of an IT Project Manager. A graduate diploma in either IT or Business management or Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree would be considered as an added advantage for any candidate, looking for an IT Project Manager Job. Again, a Master’s degree in Computer Science and/or Computer Engineering would also be considered as a big plus for the candidates, as well.

 Many project management institutes are offering specialised certified courses on project management. Such certifications will validate the level of expertise of IT Project Manager Candidates.

 IT Project managers must also possess both leadership skill and verbal and / or non-verbal communication skill, as well. Such a skill set is required for successful completion of any IT projects under the supervision of an IT Project Manager.

Certifications for IT Project Manager Job
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Certified Information System Security Professionals (CISSP).
Overview of an IT Project Manager Job

 The overview of an IT project Manager Job is attractive to many IT professionals as they have to play different and diversified roles in their career. According to a survey report, one out of every four IT companies across the globe is planning to hire IT Project Managers to adopt new technical innovation and practices like the development of mobile applications, ensuring cybersecurity, etc.

 The fundamental purposes of hiring IT Project Managers are to foster the deployment of innovative and faster IT infrastructure within a limited budget to fulfil the IT requirement of the business. Project Management institutes are predicting that around 15.7 million IT Project Management jobs will be created only within the year of 2020.

Jobs Similar to IT Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Technology Process Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Software Engineer
  • Mobile Application Developer
Salary Structure of an IT Manager
Infomation Technology (IT) Manager£40,088
Chief Information Officer (CIO)£100,597
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)£82,995
Chief (IT) Security Officer (CSO)£97,000
Information Technology (IT) Director£80,462
Information Technology Project Manager£42,096
Database Manager£33,059
Network Manager£31,641