CompTIA Linux+ Certification

An overview of CompTIA Linux+ Certification

Linux Operating System is now being considered as one of the most convenient and stable System Software for many businesses around the world. The domination of Linux over other Operating Systems seemed significant as companies in the IT industry around the globe are adopting it as the core system software for their business purpose. CompTIA Linux+ could be considered as a vendor-neutral certification that validates the skill of an IT professional on Linux Operating System.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification delivers the skill required to install and configure Linux Operating System to ensure the smooth operations of a stable business process. This certification program provides required skill and knowledge, necessary for a Linux Operating System Administrator.

Some of those skills, delivered through this certified training program are File system management, user access control and user management, essential computer network management under Linux operating system and so on. CompTIA Linux+ certified professionals can work with the command-line based system management, maintenance of Linux operating system, provide required help and assistance to the users of the organisation and configure Linux operating system to avoid any kind of disruption of the business process of the organisation.

Many IT professionals are considering this vendor-neutral CompTIA Linux+ exam as their first step towards mastering in the Linux operating system and getting well prepared for vendor-specific Linux Certification exams, offered by companies like Novell and Oracle.

Duties and responsibilities of a CompTIA linux+ certified professional
  • Install, update and configure a Linux operating system.
  • Know the primary command-line based operations in a Linux environment.
  • Be able to create, configure and troubleshoot the user and user group policy.
  • Maintain and manage the file system of Linux operating system.
  • Be able to create the necessary backup and restore process of essential files of the system.
  • Know how to work with SQL scripts and commands to manage the database files.
  • Have a basic understanding of configuring computer networks and basic network protocols.
  • Be able to manage and configure proper security of the computer system, including data encryption and password management.
Details about CompTIA Linux+ exam
  • To become a CompTIA Linux+ certified professional, you have to pass two exams, which are, CompTIA Linux+ certification – part 01 (Exam code: LX0 – 103) and CompTIA Linux+ certification – part 02 (Exam code: LX0 – 104).
  • It will be a CBT (computer-based test), where you have to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Duration of each exam is 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • For each exam, you have to answer 60 questions.
  • The total mark of each exam is 800, and you have to score at least 500 to pass the exam.
  • For each exam, you have to pay £150 (£300, for two exams).
Prerequisite of CompTIA Linux+ Certification exam

There is no particular prerequisite to appear for the CompTIA Linux+ exam.
It is recommended that the knowledge of CompTIA A+ Certification and CompTIA Network+ Certification will help you to get well prepared for the exam.
Experience of working as a Linux administrator for almost one year will be considered as an added advantage to the candidates of CompTIA Linux+ certification exam.

Training for CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam

Top-ranked colleges and universities are offering professional certificate training on Linux System Administration. You may also find different online learning portals who are offering self-paced training which is similar to the course content of CompTIA Linux+ Certification Exam.

Jobs which are similar to CompTIA Linux+ Certifications

Followings are some jobs that are similar to the positions which CompTIA Linux+ certified professionals are seeking for:

  • UNIX Administrator
  • Linux System Engineer
  • Linux Administrator
  • Help Desk Technician
  • Red Hat Linux Administrator