Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The role of a Graphic Designer is to communicate with the client and/or audience through their creativity and adequate skill on computer-aided graphics tools by creating visually engaging graphics. Individuals, who have a great understanding of light, shadow and colour combination and are also passionate about computing technology, should consider being a Graphic Designer. The job role of a Graphic Designer varies widely as their tasks include designing websites, logo, layout of the catalogue and magazines, books, marketing resources, presentation styles and interactive marketing resources.

The demand for skilled and experienced Graphic Designer is always high not only in the IT industry but also in other businesses, as well. Graphic designers are playing a key role in corporate branding, which is now being considered an integral part of almost every business. For example designing a logo, visiting card, website, letterhead, envelopes are part of the branding of a company, where the Graphic Designers can put their effort. Graphic Designers with the right set of skills have already started working as a freelancer and earning more than a full-time employee. The pattern of doing business has changed a lot due to the rapid change in the field of information technology. Businesses need to have a strong online presence through websites and social media. The online presence of any business mostly depends on the quality of the work done by the Graphic Designer.

Graphic Designing sounds an interesting and attractive job to many individuals, but there is no way to consider it as a less superior job for the career path. In order to become a successful, expert and professional Graphic Designer, you must have to work on your study plan accordingly long before you even start working as a Graphic Designer. You must also keep yourself updated with the latest technology and tools, used for digital design purposes. A good portfolio and excellent feedback from your previous clients will make you an outstanding Graphic Designer.

A well designed course on graphic Design, under the supervision of an experienced and skilled instructor can help you to unlock your potential in arts and design. Numerous courses are offered on Graphic Design by IT Training Institutes and some college degrees are now focusing coursework on the latest tools and techniques used for Graphic Design purpose.

Job Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer

In most of the cases, Graphic Designers have the similarities among the responsibilities at their workplace, regardless the type and the size of the business. Some such generic responsibilities of Graphic Designers are given below:

  • Design promotional materials, website, social media posts and templates for the business.
  • Develop and design layout plans for magazines, flyers and other publication objects of the business.
  • Design business card, letterhead and logo for the corporate branding of the business.
  • Develop promotional materials like banner, teaser, large display and event-based promotional materials for the business.
  • Develop content-rich marketing campaigns for web-pages.
  • Graphic Designers are required to work in collaboration with the content developers and marketing managers of the business.
  • Graphic Designers have to be proficient in the most commonly used and updated tools and technologies for digital design. Some such popular software/applications are Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, premier Pro and so on.

Salary Structure of Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are usually getting paid around £44,223, per year. Graphic Designers are also serving the IT industry and other business through different job roles and their salary range also varies, as well. The following list will give you an idea about the job roles and the salary structure of Graphic Designers:

  • Packaging Designer salary: £44,223
  • Graphic Designer salary: £44,223
  • Copywriter salary: £45,775
  • Multimedia Designer salary: £49,655
  • Web Graphics Designer salary: £50,430
  • Interactive Graphics Designer salary: £51,982
  • Catalog Designer salary: £59,740
  • Graphic User Interface Designer salary: £64,395
  • Senior Art Director salary: £76,034

Some Graphic Designers prefer working on an hourly basis and on an average, they are getting paid around £19, per hour. Hourly rate of Graphic Designers may also vary according to their experience, skill, portfolio and so on.

 Academic Requirements of a Graphic Designer

An undergraduate and graduate degree in fine arts, graphic design, multimedia production and/or relevant field of study is required for anyone who is willing to develop his/her career as a professional Graphic Designer. Experience of working as a Graphic Designer with a good portfolio can make a big difference, when it comes about to compare the quality of work between two or more Graphic Designers. Employers always prefer hiring a Graphic Designer having a stunning portfolio with excellent comments from the clients.

The demands of Graphic Designers are increasing in a continuous manner, across the world. As a result, top-ranked colleges and universities are also offering degree and certificate programs focusing on coursework that are relevant to digital design. Some such concentrated fields of study are digital photography, 3D animation, image manipulation, web design, mobile application design, interactive media and so on. Professional Graphic Designers are also required to have strong grip over the most updated tools and software, used for digital design. Some such applications are Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and so on.

Training and Certification on Graphic Design

We are offering a specialized training course on Graphic Design. We are providing certification of completion to those who have successfully completed the training course from here. Our well experienced and skilled trainers are ready to facilitate you by providing hands-on training followed by an updated course curriculum. You have the option to choose to join our training course either instructor-led on campus or self-paced online options. You can always have the access to the training resources through the Internet, available online. Once, you successfully complete the Graphic Design Course from here and get the certificate, we will help you to prepare a standard CV for a better job placement. This job placement program is part of our training and we are working in partnership with many other IT Companies and other businesses across the UK.