CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer – CTT+

An Overview of CompTIA CTT+ Certification

CompTIA CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) certification recognises highly skilled and qualified IT Trainers. Candidates for this exam are expected to have enough knowledge and know how to deliver training either in a real-time classroom or virtual classroom. The curriculum of this certification exam is designed to train the trainer by preparing them for communicating, evaluating, organising, presenting and facilitating the students.

 CompTIA CTT+ certification program is designed to train the trainers for technical courses, though CTT+ certified professionals could train the trainers for non-technical classes as well. Opportunities for both the in-class and virtual classroom training are available for IT professionals who are looking forward to getting CompTIA CTT+ Certification. To become a CTT+ certified professional, candidates have to pass two exams. Candidates for CompTIA CTT+ accredited professionals are also required to submit a recording of 17 to 22 minutes of live teaching in a real classroom.

Courses and resources  for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exam

Reputed colleges and universities are offering programs that are similar to CompTIA CTT+ certification. There are many online learning portals where you may also find available resources and self-paced courses for the CompTIA CTT+ certification exam.

Duties and responsibilities of a CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professional
  •  Recognise the needs and requirements of the organisation along with the background of the students, to plan and design the curriculum of the course.
  • Identify and apply the most appropriate teaching process for both the virtual class and on-premise classroom.
  • Ensure an interactive learning method by allowing the learners to communicate with the teachers and participating in classroom discussion.
  • Ensure the use of graphical display and provide adequate resources and handouts to the students to engage them more with the study process.
  • Make the academic ready in a way which is applicable for corporate learners.
  • Identify and implement the most appropriate communication skill in the case of both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Encourage group discussion to ensure learner-centred surroundings.
  • Establish a non-biased learning environment to ensure the participation of all learners.
  • Closely monitor the progress of the learners through assessing the performance.
 Details about CompTIA CTT+ Certifications
  •  Any candidate must pass two exams to become a CompTIA CTT+ certified IT Professional.
  • One of the exams is CTT+ Essentials (Exam Code: TK0 – 201), and candidates have the option to choose any one from either CTT+ Classroom Trainer (Exam Code: TK0 – 202) or CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer (Exam code: TK0 – 203).
  • There will be multiple-choice questions in the exam.
  • The entire exam will be a Computer Based Test (CBT).
  • The duration of the exam is 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • There will be 95 questions in each exam.
  • The total mark of the exam is 900, and you have to score 655 out of 900 to pass the exam.
  •  Exam fee for CompTIA CTT+ is £240.

After the successful completion of the course CompTIA CTT+ Essentials, candidates have to appear for either performance-based virtual classroom trainer or performance-based classroom trainer. At the end of the exam, the candidates must appear for a live training session which will then upload for final assessment.

Prerequisite for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exam
  •  No particular prerequisite is there for the CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exam.
  • No other work experience is recommended for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exam.
 Online resources for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Training
  •  Top-ranked colleges and universities are offering online, self-paced courses to get well prepared for CompTIA CTT+ Certification Exam.
 Jobs, which CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals are looking for
  •  Training Consultant
  • Technical Trainer
The average salary of a CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professional is £55,373

Followings are some certifications those are similar to CompTIA CTT+ Certified Course:

  •  ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)
  • MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)
Career paths of CompTIA CTT+ Certified Professionals

CompTIA CTT+ Certified professionals have the option to choose among a range of job opportunities, available for them. Followings are some such job roles where CTT+ certified professionals might be interested in:

  •  Corporate Trainer
  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Certified Technical Trainer
  • Lead Technical Trainer
  • Adobe Certified Instructor

Followings are the breakdown of the CompTIA CTT+ Exam

TopicsPercentage of exam questions
Planning course curriculum13%
Using the instructional method and digital media14%
Effective communication skill10%
Facilitating group discussion and group study45%
Evaluation after the training18%