Big Data Scientist

Big Data Scientist

Big Data Scientist

Big Data is now being considered as one of the most key parts for almost every business, regardless of the type and the size of the business in order to make a better business decision. Data Scientists are primarily responsible for analyzing business data to come up with actionable business intelligence. Data mining is an integral part of Data Science and Data Scientists are required to mine and analyze business data collected from a range of sources like Social media business Transactions, GPS Plotting, Customers’ Experience, Sensors and so on. The major purpose of Data Scientists is to extract potential and anticipate observations that have an impact on the business decision and ensure a competitive benefit for the business.

In today’s world, data is exploding, due to increased connectivity and enhanced processing capacity of computing and networking devices. Creative tools for data analysis and the availability of cloud-based technology also have an impact on the demand of Data Scientists. Across the world, the demand for Data Scientists is increasing almost exponentially so does their salary structure. It happens, because the findings of data scientists can truly shape the future of any business, considering the proper analysis of data from many business factors. According to a survey, the profit of the retailers could be increased by 60 percent, through proper analysis of data, done by the Data Scientists. The same survey reported that the operational cost of the healthcare industry could be reduced up to 8 percent, which is worth around £155 billion per year.

Data Scientists are required to have excellent technical skill along with analytical capacity and strong business foresight. They must possess enough skill and experience to work on huge datasets for analysis purposes and come up with raw intelligence and actionable prediction to shape the future of the business.

Job responsibilities of Data Scientists

Followings are some common responsibilities that the Data Scientists are required to comply with:

·       Mining and modeling business data and generating hypotheses for better business forecasts.

·       Stay updated with the latest tools and technology for statistical modeling, data analytics and machine learning.

·       Successful Data Scientist professionals are required to have a strong grip over mathematics, business, statistics and technology.

·       Data Scientists are required to be highly skilled in soft skills like data presentation, verbal and written communication and so on.

·       Data Scientists, working with Big Data are required to design complex algorithms in order to solve analytical problems from a given data set.

·       Data Scientists, working with Big Data are also required to use tools to work for data visualization.

·       Many Data Scientists are required to work with Apache framework (an open source application platform) for data mining and data analyzing.

·       Some Data Scientists are required to have excellent programming skills on R, Python, Java, PHP, SQL and similar programming languages.

·   In most of the cases, Data Scientists are required to work with a team including IT Administrators, Statisticians, Graphic Designers, IT Managers and so on.

Salary Structure of Data Scientists

Usually, Data Scientists are getting paid around £93,878, per year. Data Scientists are serving at different job roles and their salary range varies as well. Followings are a list of some such common job roles and the salary of Data Scientists accordingly:

  • Business Analyst: £60,516
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: £65,171
  • SAS Data Analyst: £65,171
  • IBM Data Analyst: £65,171
  • Data Mining Engineer: £72,154
  • Machine Learning Engineer: £72,930
  • Big Data Scientist: £75,257
  • Data Architect: £83,016
  • Business Intelligence Architect: £85,344
  • Enterprise Data Architect: £85,344
  • Big Data Architect: £86,120
  • Hadoop Engineer: £86,895
  • Data Warehouse Architect: £87,671
  • Data Scientist: £93,878
  • Senior Data Scientist: £100,861
  • Senior Big Data Analyst: £107,068

Data Scientists having adequate knowledge, skill and work experience have the potential of earning a handsome amount as their salary. There are cases, where expert and experienced Data Scientists are earning £193,964, per year. Some Data Scientists prefer working on contract basis where they are getting paid between £23 to £65, per hour.

Academic Requirement of Data Scientists

Data Science is now being considered as an emerging field for both the IT industry and the business across the world. Data Scientists must have a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Engineering System (MIS) and so on. Top ranked colleges and universities have started offering both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Data Science.

Engineering Schools at these colleges and Universities are offering degree programs on Data Science focusing on Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Database Management, Big Data, Predictive Analysis and so on.

Training and Certifications for Data Scientists

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