AutoCAD Drafter

AutoCAD Drafter

The demand for AutoCAD Drafter is getting higher in the IT industry as they are the key responsible person to prepare 2D and 3D technical drawings. These drawings are considered as the layout of developing structures and products like microchips, buildings, vehicles, machinery, electrical systems, and other manufactured items. AutoCAD Designers are serving the IT industry at several job roles like Drafter, Designer, Design Engineer, Illustrator, Architect, and so on.

Creativity with the right set of technical skills is a must for any AutoCAD professional to become successful in their career. At the same time, they must also have adequate analytical thinking and mathematical skill, as well. The career path of an AutoCAD Engineer could be aligned with Civil Engineering, Entertainment industry and Architecture Engineering, as well. AutoCAD professionals must learn how to work with special effects and rendering using AutoCAD software through which they can bring their concept into reality.

AutoCAD is the most widely used CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) software. There are some other popular tools and applications using which AutoCAD Engineers can accomplish their tasks. Some such popular CADD software and their usages are mentioned below:

Name of the CADD SoftwarePurposes of the Software
AliasDesign automotive and industrial products.
AutoCADUsed for Architectural and Civil Engineering design purpose
AutoCAD ElectricalUsed for designing electrical systems and controls.
AutoCAD LTUsed by 2D artists and document designers.
3D MaxUsed by Graphic Designers, Game Developers and 3D Animators.
MayaUsed for creating special effects on computer games and animated movies.
InventorUsed by Product Manufacturers and Prototype Designers.
BIM 360Used to build Information Model
RevitUsed by Structural Engineers and Architects

Both the online and on-campus courses are available for AutoCAD Professionals to stay updated with the latest CADD software and technology and earn professional certifications, as well.

Responsibilities of an AutoCAD Drafter

Followings are some key job responsibilities of an AutoCAD professional:

1. An AutoCAD Drafter must have the technical skill on at least one or more CADD programs.

2. They must be able to create a technical layout for structural design and products.

3. AutoCAD Drafters should have adequate knowledge and skill to work with proper measurements and dimensions, while they are working with any CADD software.

4. AutoCAD Drafters are recommending having excellent communication skills in order to coordinate with the other employees of the organization.

5. They must know how to re-design any product model and/or structure in order to come up with optimum operating capacity in the production line.

6. Be able to mention the right instruction and/or comments at the right place of any technical layout.

7. They must have the ability to communicate with both the technical and non-technical individuals to explain their design and/or pattern of work.

8. Creativity is the secret key to success for any AutoCAD Drafter.

The average salary of an AutoCAD Drafter

AutoCAD Drafters are working at different job roles and the range of their salary also varies. Following is a list of the average salary range of the AutoCAD Drafters:

  • AutoCAD Drafter: £34,137
  • AutoCAD Designer: £39,568
  • AutoCAD Certified Associate: £40,344
  • AutoCAD Mechanical Designer: £48,103
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D Drafter: £48,878
  • AutoCAD Landscape Designer: £49,654
  • Autodesk Revit Drafter: £49,654
  • AutoCAD Structural Designer: £49,654
  • Autodesk Maya Animator: £50,430
  • AutoCAD Electrical Engineer: £54,309
  • AutoCAD Electrical Controls Engineer: £54,309
  • AutoCAD Piping Designer: £57,413
  • AutoCAD Instructor: £58,965
  • AutoCAD Product Design Engineer: £61,292
  • AutoCAD HVAC Mechanical Engineer: £62,068
  • AutoCAD Certified Professional: £40,344
  • Building Information Manager (BIM): £62,844
  • Autodesk Revit Specialist: £63,620
  • AutoCAD Project Manager: £65,171
  • Senior Civil Engineer: £99,000
  • Lead Electrical Engineer: £127,000

Training and Certification

We are providing world-class training facilities for AutoCAD Drafter. No specific prerequisite is needed for this training. Though, it is recommended to have basic skill in computer hardware and software. Work experience at any organization for one or more years will be considered as an added advantage for the candidates. Once you successfully complete the training program from here, we will help you prepare a professional CV for better job placement. We have a proven track record of successful job placement for our candidates. We are working in collaboration with a significant number of IT companies across the UK, and we can assure you to get your dream job as an AutoCAD Drafter through our job placement program.