Change Management Certifications

Change Management Certifications

The Change Management Certifications enables you to effectively navigate organisational change and assist you in the creation and implementation of transition through the company. Change management is a vital skill for IT, project management and development. This article will guide you on important Change Management Certifications and tells you which certification is better for you.


Change management is important in a variety of industries, but it’s especially important in IT, project management, and production to enhance procedures, increase performance, and minimise errors and risk. Businesses’ use of technology is continually changing, resulting in almost continual organisational change. However, introducing change in any organisation, large or small, would necessitate the use of trained practitioners who are familiar with the complexities of change management. These change management certifications will help you demonstrate your abilities and advance your career.

1. Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP)

The CCMP is an internationally recognised certification created by ACMP for professionals who want to show they’re serious about changing the way things are done. The ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management, which identifies best practices in change management, was used to create the CCMP. The CCMP allows professionals to show their commitment to continuous learning by effectively applying their knowledge to a variety of change management situations. It’s one of the most well-known and well-recognized change management certifications.

2. Change Management Specialist (CMS)

The Management and Strategy Institute’s Change Management Specialist (CMS)® Certification is intended to offer students a strong understanding of how to execute change in a corporate environment. The Change Management credential includes training materials that will assist you in designing and managing change plans, persuading people to change, and dealing with change resistance. Your understanding of the subject matter will be tested on the Change Management Specialist (CMS)® certification exam. Since the training and exam are both conducted online, it is simple to fit into a busy schedule.

3. Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM)

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) offers the CPCM credential, which focuses on recognising and resolving issues in an organisation. This is the sort of course that anyone who works with production systems or manages product life cycles will benefit from. It encompasses everything from finding areas for improvement to putting those changes into action, gaining employee buy-in, and developing resilient strategies.

4. Change Management Certificate Program from the Association for Talent Development

ATD provides a Change Management Certificate Program that focuses on increasing productivity, reliability, and service quality and discusses implementing change processes, changes management techniques, characteristics of a change leader, and how to inspire the company to accept change, and it can be taken online or in person.

5. Prosci Change Management Certification

The Change Management Certification Program from Prosci provides you with the resources, knowledge, and help you need to lead effective change in the future. This credential is based on Prosci’s ADKAR change management model, which is a proprietary approach that the organisation claims is beneficial to IT professionals. The exam fee is high, but it includes hotel rooms, all meals, and any programme activities. Since staying at the location for the three-day workshop is a prerequisite, the company also manages the hotel reservations. Workshops are held in several locations throughout the United States, most often at scenic resorts and holiday spots. In an immersive online climate, learn Prosci’s industry-leading change management approach. Participate in concentrated breakout sessions, interact with peers, and more.

Gain access to Prosci change management experts, as well as 25 years of market research and validated change management techniques and methodologies. And make a name for yourself in the marketplace. By doing this certification you can Improve project efficiency and return on investment. Assist workers in adjusting to change and improving the company’s culture. One practitioner at a time, develop the organization’s change competency.

6. APGM Organizational Change Management Foundation

The Organizational Change Management Foundation Certification, developed in partnership with CMI by APMG International, certifies the ability to “help smooth organisational change.” The exam focuses on core change management skills such as inspiring staff, involving stakeholders, forming teams, and implementing successful change strategies. Exams are taken online, so if you’re taking the exam in the United States, you’ll need to locate an American vendor. While APGM is based in the United Kingdom, Pink Elephant, a global training organisation, offers several three-day online and in-person courses where you can earn your APGM certification.

7. Change Management Practitioner

APMG International is once again providing this certification. The Change Management Practitioner credential is designed for practitioners who are in the middle of their careers or are looking to advance up the corporate ladder. Since you’ve already completed the foundation curriculum, this credential will add to your experience. It teaches you how to prepare by putting people at the centre of your approach, giving you in-depth knowledge of the change.

8. AIM Change Management Certification

The Accelerating Implementation Technique (AIM) is a change management approach that can be applied to many organisational initiatives. It emphasises the human side of risk; rather than focusing on how technology or software fails us, it encourages leaders to improve employee-involved processes, considering that human error is one of the most significant failure threats.


  • Certification in change management serves as a mechanism for demonstrating your authority and assuring the company of your competence. Your insight and expertise have been independently verified.
  • Demonstrates that you are familiar with the Change Management Norm.
  • Improves your career chances and gives you a strategic advantage in competitive situations and assists change management practitioners in their professional growth.
  • Demonstrates your contribution to professional advancement and personal growth in the domain and work for top corporations all over the country.

Before choosing any of the above-mentioned programmes, keep the following points in mind:-

  • After reviewing all of the above-mentioned programmes and their features, take some time to consider which software would best meet your needs while still fitting within your budget.
  • After you’ve finished with the budgeting, you’ll need to determine which course content can help you better manage your job.
  • You’d have ruled them out by now. You can now assess the course’s worth. A course that is widely recognised in the industry would place you in a stronger role and advance your career.

Each of these programmes and certifications has its own set of specialities, and none of them is identical. It also depends on the requirements of your business. Often no qualification is needed since they are capable of carrying out change management programmes in their company.