Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Engineers develop applications and software in order to automate and accomplish newer tasks using computers. They are developing applications and software for everyday use, Operating Systems (OS), Embedded Software, business applications, social networks and network control systems. In general, Network Software Engineers are classified into two main categories, which are System Software Engineer and application Software Engineer.

System Software Engineers are responsible for developing, maintaining and upgrading the internal computing system of an organization. They manage the requirement of computing devices of almost every department of the business including inventory, payroll, sales and billing system. System Software Engineers are also responsible for design, development and implementation of the intranet of a computer and ensure the data transmission process, as well.

Application Software Engineers are required to inspect the requirements of the end users and develop a tailor made application in order to fulfill those needs. Application Software Engineers are also required to have a strong grip over several high level programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Perl and so on. Application Software Engineers must also have the capacity to develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets.

Job Responsibilities of a Software Engineer

  • Investigate the needs of the end-users and develop a software based solution to meet the requirement, within the given timeframe and budget.
  • Software Engineers are required to have adequate knowledge, skill and experience on object-oriented computer programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, Perl etc.
  • Debugging, testing, monitoring and preparing well documented software is part of the job description of a Software Engineer.
  • Particular Software Engineers are responsible for mobile application developers, who are putting their effort on creating applications for Smartphone and tablets.
  • System Software Engineers have to investigate the key requirements of the department of the business.
  • System Software Engineers are also responsible to design, develop and deploy intranet connectivity for corporate business and ensure secure and flawless data communication.
  • Application Software Engineers are in the process of updating the current computing infrastructure and update the platform when required.
  • Software Engineers suggest required changes for existing computer and computer network infrastructure.
  • Coordinating and monitoring the existing system and equipment are other key roles for Software Engineers.
  • Software Engineers are liable to ensure the security of the system and the appropriate accessibility of data throughout the system that they have developed.

Salary Structure of Software Engineer

Software Engineering is a rapidly rising role in the job market due to constant evolution and innovation in IT. Usually, Software Engineers are getting paid around £79,137. Software Engineers are serving mostly the IT industry at various job roles and their salary range and structure also varies, as well. Followings are a list of job roles for Software Engineers and their salary structure, accordingly:

  • Software QA Engineer: £73,706
  • Software Systems Engineer: £74,482
  • Software Applications Engineer: £38,361
  • Java Software Engineer: £38,361
  • Software Engineer: £79,137
  • PHP Software Engineer: £79,113
  • Mobile Application Developer: £179,113
  • Web UI Software Developer: £80,688
  • Firmware Engineer: £83,792
  • C++ Software Developer: £88,447
  • Python Software Engineer: £88,447
  • Senior Java Engineer: £90,775
  • Senior Software Engineer: £91,550
  • Ruby on Rails Software Developer: £95,430

Some Software Engineers prefer working on an hourly basis and they are getting paid by hour. Depending on the job role, experience, size of the business and geographical location, the hourly salary of Software Engineers also varies from £23 to £150.

Academic Requirement of a Software Engineer

Most of the hiring managers are looking for a Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Software Development and/or relevant field of study. Software Engineers with a good portfolio will get an added advantage during the recruitment process.

There are some common promotional skills that are expected among almost every Software Engineer. For example, skills on object oriented computer programming language like C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Project management, User Interface (UI) design and development, database administrator, game development, system analysis, network compatibility, professional documentation with technical writing skill. It is possible to get well trained through online regarding the subject matter of Software Engineering.

Job Outlook of a Software Engineer

According to a survey, the scope and opportunity of Software Engineers are increasing by 21% between the years 2018 to 2028. This is also considered as the fastest growing job role in the IT industry. The rapid growth and innovation of IT creates tremendous scopes for Software Engineers across the world. For example, virtualization strategies and web-based software technology have already changed the paradigm of the IT industry that require more Software Engineers in the IT industry. Moreover, electronic and computer based data processing systems are now being considered as an integral part of any business including telecommunication, banking or finance, healthcare, education and almost every government and non-government organizations. Such changes in business pattern require Software Engineers to take the responsibility of designing, developing and implementing the computer system that accelerates the business process.

The explosion of telecommunication and wireless communication also plays a significant role in the job market in order to create more space for the Software Engineers. Mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our daily life and the demand for embedded software is also rising higher anytime than before. Software Engineers who are working on mobile application development are trying hard to merge the gap of technical talent for the IT industry. Software Engineers are now required to develop mission critical business apps for mobile devices and tablets, as these devices are getting more powerful like the personal computer and/or desktop in terms or processing speed and memory management.

Training and Certificate Courses

Top ranked colleges and universities are offering well designed courses with updated curriculum for Software Engineers. We are also offering specialized courses for software Engineers. Our trained, skilled and experienced trainers are ready to assist you in getting all required knowledge and skill to work as a successful Software Engineer at their workplace. We are offering both the instructor-led on campus and self-paced-online classes, which is convenient for you. You can always have the access to our training resources available online, through the Internet. After you successfully completed the course from here, we will provide you with a certificate, which is well accepted across the IT industries and corporate business, across the UK. Then we will start working on developing a professionally designed CV for a better job placement for you. Job placement is part of our training program, and we are working in close collaboration with the IT Companies and other Businesses for your job placement purpose.